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27 October… this is the date Netflix will once again delight us with the 3 season of what was his stellar series of 2016 and that is that Stranger Things it's about to fall. To celebrate, Netflix and the company BonuxXP Inc have launched a game in honor of the series entitled Stranger Things The Game.

Do you dare to explore the town of Hawkins in the role of Chief Hopper? If the answer is yes, I suggest you keep reading.

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Stranger Things The Game An 80's inspired game

One of the things I like the most about this series is the his "eighties" air and that is that practically everything, from the music to the stages, is all very well cared for. How could it be otherwise, the development of Stranger Things The Game follows the same technical path as the original series.

A very addictive retro game

If you are a lover of arcade machine emulators and gods 8-bit games, you will love this game as we will have a multitude of situations and scenarios from the series to investigate in an environment in the purest style of the Nintendo NES.

Puzzles, riddles and exploration

Before starting we will be given the possibility to choose between 2 difficulty levels   normal and nightmarish. The difference between one and the other lies in the level of complexity of the riddles, puzzles and resistance of enemies.

The environments to explore will be the same as in the series but correctly pixelated at 8 bit.

Stranger Things The characters of the game

Our starting character is Chief Hopper but as we progress in Stranger Things The Game the other characters will be unlocked up to a total of 7.

With a nod to the first season of the series, our characters will have to collect different objects such as: Easter eggs, waffles or even gnomes. To do this, we will have the different unique abilities of each character. Likewise, some areas are limited to specific characters  and/or looking for keys to open armored doors.

Musical Series In MIDI Format

The legendary soundtrack will be present in Stranger Things The Game, which is adapted to the arcade games of the 80s and seems to play in "MIDI" format. Therefore, thanks to the excellent musical performance of the series Duffer Brothers, we will not feel so alone in this game with more than 10 hours of duration and 30 different missions.

Stranger Things game download

You can get this free Netflix game from Google Play from the following link:

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What do you think of Stranger Things The Game?, You can leave me a comment with your impressions. And well, if you already shared it with your social networks, you would make me very happy, thanks!

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