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Signal is a current application, which has been on the market for a very short time, so it is not very recognized among users, but its popularity is increasing every time for all the functions it offers. Like every application, this one has several notifications to keep you informed, but for some these can do something annoying, because they make our mobile phone fill with alerts; For this reason you need to ask yourself how to silence or disable notifications in Signal?

In essence, Signal came highly recommended to allow us to communicate and it is important that you know this, as more and more users are joining. For this reason we will teach you how to silence notifications in Signal in a simple way.

How to disable notifications in Signal?

It must be said that Signal is an application completely free, available for any device, to use it simply share your mobile number with your friends and thus be able to communicate with them.

It has become more and more recognized, because it has a great function to protect the privacy and safety of those who use it, for this type of reason many have switched to Signal to feel safer.

How to disable notifications for new members in Signal?

It is very common that when one of your contacts joins an application, they inform you that you can chat with them, but these are quite annoying. It must be said that this app can be placed on the main screen of your mobile phone for easier access.

When you log in, go to settings, press your profile photo, enter the notifications section and search the menu for the "Events" section, then press "Someone starts in Signal", slide the controls so that it turns off.

Also, if you need to delete some things that you no longer need from a contact, you can enter the chat, press one of the messages you want to discard, in doing so three horizontal dots will appear, press them and you will see two options, the one that says delete for me will only delete the message so you don't see it, but the other user will still be able to see it; if you select what it says delete for all, you will discard it completely.

If what you need is to hide a message, enter the application settings, select the notifications and go where it says "Show" when you enter, three options will appear, but set the one to "No name or message." This will prevent messages from appearing on the lock screen.

Settings required to be able to use Signal on your phone

This application has a wide variety of settings that you can apply by controlling your mobile phone from your PC to make the process easier. First make sure you grant all Signal permissions on your mobile, then make sure you have do not disturb turned on, to do this, enter the settings again.

Check the "Sounds & Notifications" box, then search for apps and notifications. Enter Signal e press «Set as priority».

Also, check that this application is not included in the battery optimization, but this time go into the advanced settings, look for the one that says "Battery optimization" select the app and press «Do not optimize», now you just have to restart your mobile and you are ready.

What are silent notifications?

Usually when we receive a notification, they are shown on the screen of our device and emit a sound. Some vibrate and are interspersed with songs, it all depends on the user's preferences. Well, in this case the silent notifications they are noticeable on the screen but emit no sound of any kind.

Generally they are used when you want to be in a place where silence is required, a meeting or a special occasion. For this, silent notifications are the best option.

How to remove notifications from an Android

Continuous notifications from an app tend to become a nuisance. To be able to silence them from Android, just go to the settings of your phone, in the menu we search the box that says 'Applications', in this we have to look for the Signal app, In the tab we can find out with the data it describes. From here we can disable all types of alerts.

Message management and call notification

For this, it is only necessary go to the section of the three horizontal lines located at the top right of the app screen. In the menu that will appear, select the Settings option. Within that section, click on the notifications option. By factory configuration this will be activated, press deactivate and that's it.

Hide notifications, silence chat

Although it can be done, the procedure must be careful enough to avoid further damage. For this it is necessary to open the chat from the list of the person in question. In the conversation, three dots will appear at the top of the screen, click there and select the Hide option. It will automatically be hidden until you send a new message.

Disable notifications from iOS

If your desire is to avoid annoyances on your iOS device, you've come to the right place. For this you just have to select the configuration option of your mobile. Then press do not disturb and then you need to activate the programming section. Here you will have the option to select the time you do not want to receive notifications. Likewise, you can choose based on your preferences which apps you want to receive notifications in that period of time and which not.

To remove the notifications in IOS, you need to log in to the application, select the options above. With this you can have access to several options, including disabling warnings and alarms.

On the other hand, in order to mute a chat of a specific person, you need to enter the conversation and press the contact name, press the option of 'Silent notifications', when you do, different times will appear, you can choose the one that lasts 1 year ; eventually you will see an icon appear above the contact.

Hide notifications, silence chat

This is one of the most feasible methods when it comes to avoiding notifications. You must only enter the chat you want to silence and select the settings option. Then click mute and voila, that way you'll avoid their notifications. Now, if it's something more complex, you can also block them to prevent them from appearing on your device screen at some point.

Remove or disable notifications in Signal Desktop

Once logged into our Signal account, we just have to go to the settings section located on the left side of our screen. There we show a menu in which we have to click on notifications. Next we select the deactivation option and voilà we will no longer receive notifications in Signal Desktop.

Disable chat, notifications disabled

It's quite annoying when there are apps that don't know when to stop sending notifications or even people. Therefore, you should disable the person's chat only through the configuration section note from gear icon. Press the mute option and then accept. This will save you a headache that is not necessary in some cases.

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