Solution: Why can't I update Grindr on Android?

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This time we will not tell you about how to recover a suspended Grindr account, now it is the turn to be able to give you a solution in case you fail to update the app on your Android phone.

But, if we're only going to talk to you about this aspect, this time we'll also give you a series of tips for using Grindr in safe way and in the same way we will explain to you what is the use of this application that has become very famous in recent times.

What is Grindr? The App consists

 Before entering the account recovery, it is important to know what Grindr is in order to have the correct information about the app you will be using. In the same way you can connect on Tinder with photos and phrases, you can connect on Grindr.

But then what is Grindr? Grindr is a dating app like any other, but this one is characterized by being special for gay, bisexual, and transgender men who want to meet another single man near the same perimeter.

The easiest way to summarize what Grindr is is how a dating app aimed at men from the gay community. It is used by millions of users around the world as it is easy to use for free and if you want better reach you can pay for a pro version. 

Grindr, is an application that consists in being able to provide users with the possibility of having a profile where they describe themselves as people and what they are looking for to get a tap that allows them to make an appointment, but what is relevant about this application is that Yes it is about geolocation in so that users can know the exact distance of the people they are talking to.

How to use Grindr safely?

Having a date with a stranger from social networks is not bad, the bad thing is not to use social media in a safe way to ensure your integrity and safety. For this reason it is important to know how use Grindr safely.

If Badoo Premium can guarantee you a higher level of security for the simple reason of being Premium, Grindr can guarantee you greater safety too if you pay for your Premium account. But it's important to know and keep in mind that this won't give you full confidence.

The tips we can share with you to use Grindr safely are as follows: First, you need to create a real profile in order not to contribute and be one of the fake profiles that abound in the account. Next, when you talk to a user, you need to make sure you are dealing with a real profile.

When you start a conversation you can't give all your information because you don't know the person and if they make an appointment you have to make sure it's a public place in broad daylight where you can feel safe.

What to do if Grindr doesn't update on my Android?

If you've already taken care of updating all pending applications, but Grindr has an error e does not want to update, you don't have to worry because it is a problem you can solve and also it won't cause you more inconvenience when you are using the app. 

If you have already updated all the applications but you still have Grindr waiting for an update, the first thing to do is to check in the Play Store what is the update size that the app requires to check if we have enough space on our phone, due to this update problem is mainly due to the size of the app compared to the internal memory available.

If the error is not that, it means that it is a update error app system, what you need to do is delete all pending updates to keep using the version you have while Grindr fixes the error.

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