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Errors like the one that Instagram keeps uploading and doesn't allow uploading of photos are rare, but they aren't just about posting, there are also issues with stories. Therefore, through this tutorial we will show you some solutions when "You cannot upload, share or post stories on Instagram".

How to upload stories posts to Instagram

First, it is advisable to verify that you are carrying out the process correctly. That's why we're going to teach you very briefly how to upload stories. Either way, keep in mind that uploading photos and videos to Instagram Stories goes way beyond what we'll show below.

  • The process is simple, just open your account and click on «La your story «, Which is above your photo above and to the left.
  • After the above, simply set up everything about the story (take the photo, select the photo from the gallery, filters, etc.) and click » Send to «.
  • Then just click » Share «.

Solutions for "I can't upload, share or post stories on Instagram"

The problem with stories is relatively common, however there are several possible causes. Having said that, let's analyze the possible reasons and some solutions when you can't upload stories to Instagram.

Your internet connection is slow or unstable

Most likely your internet connection is the reason. A unstable connection can be a problem for sharing stories on Instagram.

Therefore, if you have this problem, check your internet connection, remember that data can work inefficiently on certain occasions. That said, it's best to try uploading stories using your Wi-Fi internet connection.

Check that the application is up to date

Many times you cannot upload, share or post stories on Instagram if the application is not up to date. Therefore, the first thing to do is to carry out this check. In the event that the App is not updated, simply access the application store and perform the update.

In the meantime, if posting the story is urgent, you can upload and post photos to Instagram from all Windows PCs very easily.

Force quit the app

Sometimes errors while loading stories are temporary and can be fixed with a simple close. Unfortunately, many times the applications remain open even when we leave them and this is especially true in the apps of social networks such as Instagram, but forcing them to close is the solution.

  • To close the Instagram application, simply go to " Settings «.
  • Once there, locate the option " Applications «.
  • All system applications will be displayed, locate the Instagram application and click on the option » Force chiusura «.
  • After doing the previous setup, try to log into Instagram and upload the story.

Delete data from the Instagram app if you can't post stories

Before starting this process, it is very important to have your account information handy, that is username and password. We make this clarification, because deleting the data involves deleting the login data, so you will have to enter them again.

  • To carry out this configuration go to » Settings «.
  • Near " Applications »And click on this option.
  • Among all the applications in the system, locate Instagram. Now go to the section » Archiving »And click on the option» Delete give " And " Delete cache «.
  • After this setup, try to load the history again and check if the error is gone.

You cannot share Instagram Stories on Facebook

  • To solve this problem it is enough log into your profile, by clicking on your photo in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines located above and to the right. Now click on » Settings «, An option located at the bottom and right.
  • Click on " Privacy »And then locate the option» Chronology «.
  • Here you will see all the options related to the stories, go to the bottom and search » Share stories on Facebook «, Simply activate this option. Clearly to use it you have to set up your Facebook account first, in turn you can stop sharing Instagram stories on Facebook at any time.

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