Snapchat finally lets you change your username

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We finally have the chance to change username in Snapchat, which is possible in practically any social network or service. The long-awaited Snapchat name change will be simple, fast, and free, but with one major limitation.

And it is that you can change your username at most once a year on Snapchat, to avoid possible problems. For example, to change the Instagram username the deadline is shorter and this facilitates the sale of accounts for those looking to have many followers in a short time.

Snapchat will allow the change from February 23, 2022, a feature that should have been available for years, or directly from the opening of Snapchat. Your username uniquely identifies each account and is used by other people to add to it.

Here are the steps to change your username or "user name" on Snapchat:

  1. Let's go to the section of Profile by clicking on the icon on the left showing the Snapchat photo:

  1. We will now enter the configuration via the gear icon that appears at the top right:

  1. Within Snapchat settings, click on » Username", under the «Name» option (the one that is shown to everyone):

  1. We choose the option «Change username», after the notice that it can only be changed once a year, we can enter the new one.
  2. Username must have between 3 and 15 characters long, start with a letter and support only Latin letters, numbers and periods (.), dash (-), and underscores (_).
  3. The username is unique, that is we won't be able to change one that another user already has within Snapchat.
  4. To finish, you have to confirm your account password and the name will be changed.

Therefore, it is quite easy to change username on Snapchat and we just need to be aware that it can only be changed once a year. Snapchat has fallen behind its rivals and allowing such a basic aspect to be changed is necessary if it is to compete with them again in the future.

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