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If you want subscribe to Spotify without Facebook and for free to enjoy the music you want to hear, then you are in the right place… Well, in Practical Resources, we wanted to create a step-by-step guide for those interested who want to sign up for Spotify without having a Facebook account, which, by the way , it could not be done before and has generated more than an inconvenience or reluctance in several people who did not consider it appropriate to connect a Facebook account to Spotify to be able to register and that is why we share the solution for this little annoyance of how to be able to register on Spotify without Facebook and without dying trying…

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Subscribe to Spotify without Facebook | Step 1

First, they have to enter the home or official cover of this streaming music player and to do this they have 2 forms of access that they can use by the way, whenever they want to enter Spotify from now on and this that is, the following.

1.- Enter Spotify with the search engine: basically here, they have to write the name that identifies this service, i.e. «Spotify» in the box for the search engine they use, then click on «Submit»Or» Plan your trip » for the results to load and then, click on the correct result, which is usually found in the first result and is clearly identified by its web address «» with it, They've already been able to access Spotify.

2.- Enter Spotify with URL: in this other option, they must write correctly and completely in the address bar of the browser they use precisely, the URL of Spotify and which is «» therefore, the «Insert respectively » or » Search» and with it the Spotify cover will be loaded and then access to Spotify will open, much faster and more direct.

Having clarified this point then, I proceed to describe the Spotify registration process without Facebook itself.

Subscribe to Spotify without Facebook | Step 2

Now, being on the cover of Spotify, they will have to start the registration process, but first they will have to decide to sign up for Spotify for free and Spotify Premium. However, it is recommended that you start by trying the Spotify service for free.

In this image you can see the characteristics of each of the ways to use Spotify (free and paid).

On the other hand, it's worth noting in this passage that Spotify is cross-platform. That is, it can be used from your desktop or computer or from your mobile phone, tablet, etc.

1.- Spotify for mobile: if you want to use Spotify from a mobile phone then you can choose to download the App from the App Store or from Google Play depending on your mobile device to open it and follow the record procedure which is very similar to the computer.

2.- Spotify per computer: in the other case, that they will use Spotify from their PC or computer, therefore, they must click on the text that says » Register » and that is in the upper right part of the screen.

Subscribe to Spotify without Facebook | Step 3

With the previous click on Register, a loaded page will open where you will be able to see the 2 registration options that Spotify currently has and which are the following:

1.- Sign up for Spotify with Facebook: in this option, you will have to click on the blue button that says «Register with Facebook«.

This will open a small window where they are told to log into their Facebook account with their respective login details, i.e. their email or phone number and password, then click on the button that says «Log in» and with it, automatically they were able to sign up for Spotify with Facebook.

2.- Register with your email address: in this other option, they will be able to have a Spotify account with a registration form or in other words, will be able to sign up for Spotify without Facebook, option that, of course, many are interested in and to do so they must complete the following:

Email: in this first box, they must enter an email with which they want to register with Spotify.

Confirm your email: they have to rewrite the same email previously written.

Password: they will have to create and enter a password that will serve as access to their account that they are creating in Spotify and which should, on the one hand, be difficult to discover by third parties and, on the other hand, difficult to forget because if this happens, they will have to start an account recovery process which is always best avoided.

Username: Enter a username that will identify you on Spotify by the way, don't mess with it later, you can change it.

Birthday: with one click your «Day» will insert the day of their birth, with another click on «Month» a drop-down menu will appear and they will click on the month of birth and finally click on «Year» will insert the year of birth.

Gender: they will delete or mark the circle that precedes their masculine or feminine gender.

I am not a robot: will mark the square preceding «I'm not a robot» and then they will perform the exercise that is prompted and displayed in a new window to determine that you are not a robot in the "eyes » the Spotify.

Finally, when they have filled in all of this thoroughly, they will click the green button below and it says «Sign Up«.

Subscribe to Spotify without Facebook | Step 4

With the previous action a new page will be loaded with a small central window where you have to click on «save a file» in order to save this file.exe on your computer and then you have to go to the folder where you downloaded the file and then, they should proceed to install with a couple of clicks on it.

Once installed, they will click on the Spotify icon that has appeared on the desktop and with it they will be able to log in by typing their respective email and password, then click on the «Access» and, therefore, they will be able to use the service, that's all.

Subscribe to Spotify without Facebook | Step #5

On the other hand, to complete the registration process in Spotify, they must confirm their account and to do so they must go to the inbox of their email that they have associated with their Spotify account, open the message sent by Spotify, click on the green button which will direct them to a Spotify page where they will thank them and let them know they have confirmed their account.

Finally, this is it the whole procedure to be able to register on Spotify without Facebook for free and without problems so you can enjoy all the music you want to hear.

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