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Over the past few days we've had a couple of Tinder questions pointing to essentially the same thing and whose titles are these: Tinder doesn't show my profile e How to turn on discovery in Tinder. Well, in the following article on Practical called: Show me activated on Tinder will allow all those who have this type of concern or doubt to activate their Tinder account that has been deactivated due to a break they have taken or, due to a configuration that they do not know how to change and in this way they can reappear in swipes profile (Discover) and see other Tinder users.

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Show me on Tinder activated | STEP 1: Login to Tinder

The first thing you should do is enter your Tinder account in its web version (phone number or email) or simply open the Tinder application from your mobile and log in.

Show me on Tinder activated | STEP 2: Go to Settings

Once logged in to Tinder, you will need to tap on the gray profile icon (top left) and then tap on the «Settings«.

Show me on Tinder activated | STEP #3: Activate the profile on Tinder

Now, in this section of «Settings» will scroll down to the section or option called: «Show me on Tinder» and here, they will move the bar ball to the right and, by doing so, their Tinder profile will be activated and from this moment your Tinder profile will start being shown to other users.

Show me on Tinder activated | STEP #4: Slide the profiles back

Once the profile activation process is completed, all that remains is to press «OK» which is located at the top right and with this they will reach their Tinder profile and then they will now be able to swipe profiles on Tinder again and for this, they will simply click on the fire icon (unhide) and they will appear in the section to swipe profiles on Tinder.

With this article, show me on Tinder enabled, you will be able to swipe profiles on Tinder again and show your profile to other Tinder users.

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