Send WhatsApp photos without losing QUALITY MAKEUP

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One of the WhatsApp functions that we use the most is undoubtedly the sending photos. The problem with this feature is that this messenger client has an algorithm that compresses photos to the max. This is good, because if we send the photos in their original size, the megabytes of our mobile will fly. The truth is that at first glance the details are hardly lost, the problem is when it comes to viewing them in full size or developing them, that's where we see that the quality of the images sent is mediocre. However, today we are introducing you to one of those simple tricks that anyone can do from the same messaging client. Thanks to it, you can  send WhatsApp photos without losing quality.

How to Send WhatsApp Photos Without Losing Quality 2022

send WhatsApp photos without losing quality,  you just have to follow these simple steps.

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Send WhatsApp images without losing quality 2022

The first thing you will need to do for send WhatsApp images without losing quality is to join the conversation or group you want to join send photos in original quality. Once inside select the clip and DO NOT click on the gallery, for send the image without losing quality you have to click on the document.

Now once inside the document we will have to navigate through the different folders on our phone until we select the photo.

In this way we will send the photo with if it were a simple document e the compression algorithm will not be applied.

What do you think of this simple tutorial for  send WhatsApp photos without losing quality? . If you found this helpful, I'd love for you to leave your impressions below in the comment box. Also, if you share this article, you help me keep growing, thank you so much for your time!

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