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The premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker just happened and the hype of the fans of the saga is skyrocketing, since with this movie ends this third Star Wars trilogy, and it has all the features of which it will be the best episode of the three.

And, if you want to customize your smartphone with a Star Wars theme, you have two options, or you buy a special version of a mobile phone like those released by Realme or Samsung, or Download the wallpapers of this special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Download Star Wars Wallpapers from Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition

As Samsung usually does, it has decided to launch a special version of its flagship, the customized Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, both outside and inside, with the theme of the latest Star Wars movie, a real gem for fans of the saga.

This version has the First Order logo on the back, and although it is not possible to engrave the logo on the back of the terminal, you can download the original wallpapers of this version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, in which both Kylo Ren's helmet and the First Order Sith Troopers appear and their clothes. All with a contrast between red and black that looks great on you.

These wallpapers are in a square format so you can enable wallpaper scrolling and that it moves every time you change pages in the launcher. However, if you want more customization of Star Wars, long ago we taught you how to do it best with wallpapers, icons and even with the official application of the saga.

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