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Previously, the problem was that the coloring of the photographs did not require only a great knowledge on the subject, but it also required not-so-cheap software.

However, the tool ColouriseSG gets to change all this and, above all, does it for free with artificial intelligence. which means you can take old photos and convert them to practically current photos achieving not only consistent colors but also better image quality.

Since the artificial intelligence has the task of giving color to the photos. To achieve this, the app has been 'trained' with a large number of old photos and as the photos continue to load, the AI ​​continues to learn to improve and be more accurate.

How to color old photos

The idea of ​​the project is to be able to generate an image that has consistent and plausible colors. Obviously the intent to restore old photos and color an image it is not that it is a real representation over time. But that it looks really good and that it serves to get an idea of ​​the colors.

You can upload photos that only show people. Even with landscapes in the background. In short, you can color remarkably complex images extremely easily and accurately, thus achieving incredible results.

To give you an idea, the application is " trained »Using the above 1.300.000 images available to ImageNet, a US photo database developed by researchers at Stanford University and Princeton.

With artificial intelligence restore the photo

  • The first thing to do is to enter the site of ColouriseSG.
  • If we go down we can see a box that says " Upload a black and white photo »We just have to click on» Select photos »And choose the photo we want to upload.
  • Let's wait a few seconds for the photo to open. Automatically the AI ​​will start processing the photo we uploaded to show us a previous idea of ​​how it would have been colored.
  • If we are satisfied with the result, we will simply have to press the red button that appears at the bottom and says " Download result »To download the colored photograph to our computer.

As you can see, all we have to do is select the photo and wait a few seconds since it is the web application's artificial intelligence that takes care of the entire process in question.

After a few seconds you will not only have the photo in question restored. But it will also have vivid, lifelike colors to suit the times.

Once downloaded, you can do whatever you want with said photograph: upload it to a social network, frame it as a gift, etc. It's a simple method that can also be used to restore old photos that have lost quality over the years.

Best of all, you don't need to know about editing programs or anything like that. Anyone who barely knows how to use the Internet can improve the quality of any photo that has black and white in a few seconds thanks to the artificial intelligence of this web application which we hope will only improve.

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