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La interrupt screen it is one of the most common incidents that smartphone users have faced on occasion. In addition to one of the most annoying and frustrating. Especially when the rupture causes the complete shutdown of the panel and the device cannot be used normally.

In such situations, one of the first steps to take should be to try to recover the data stored on the device, in case it needs to be sent in for repair, or if the idea is to dispose of it completely to buy a new one. Unfortunately, having one non-working screen can make this process very difficult. In this guide we explain how you can view and retrieve information stored on a broken screen cellphone.

Did your cell phone screen crack? So you can recover the data

Recover data from a cellphone with a broken screen using your computer

If you have a computer at hand, recovering mobile data is a very simple process. You just need a handy USB cable that allows you to connect your mobile to your device.

However, this solution may not always work: unless you have previously connected your mobile to your computer to transfer files, chances are the option MTP or file transfer is not selected as the default connection mode. And, since you cannot use the mobile screen to manually choose the mode, it will not be possible to activate this function which will allow you to recover the data.

Your computer, the key to recovering data from your mobile

If, hopefully, you can access the contents of your mobile from your computer, recovering data is as simple as copying folders and their contents from the mobile phone memory to a safe place on your PC.

Use your mobile with the mouse (only if you can still see the contents of the screen)

Thanks to Android's support for peripherals via OTG technology, you just need a little one adapter that allows you to connect a mouse and control your mobile as if it were a computer. This solution is effective just in case it is You can still see the content displayed on the screen even though the touch panel has stopped working. You just need to plug in your mouse and create a backup which you can access later from another device.

To use a mouse with your mobile you only need an OTG adapter

Check your mobile from your computer to access its contents

In case none of the above options work, because you cannot access mobile memory from your computer or because the screen does not show the content, there is a third solution which can help you recover mobile data from computer. It is about use a tool that allows you to control your mobile from your computer, come AirDroid o Vysor. For this example we will use the latter due to its ease of use.

To use this app, the only essential requirements are to install Vysor from Google Play - with the free version it will be more than enough -, to have a computer with ADB drivers installed and to have USB debugging enabled on the mobile phone. So you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Install Vysor on your Android phone with a broken screen.
  2. On your computer, open Chrome and install the Vysor extension which will allow you to control the device.
  3. Connect your mobile with USB debugging enabled to your computer and run the extension.

That's all. Now you can control your mobile at will from your computer using keyboard and mouse, to create a data backup and access it later.

What if none of this works?

Perhaps none of the options we have offered you, it is very likely that you will have to resort to professional solutions. Some repair centers and technical services offer the possibility of recover data stored on a broken mobile phone - at the cashier, yes. Depending on the importance of the information stored on your device, paying for its recovery may or may not pay you.

If you have other problems with your Android mobile, remember that you can too activate safe mode to try to find and fix it.

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