Reasons to bet on Motorola this 2021

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If there is one mobile phone brand that I particularly care about, it's Motorola. The company that started it all - that's what I like to call it - has always been one of the most important companies, to the point that at some point, it was about to buy the now giant Huawei.

As for smartphones, Motorola has made itself known thanks to the first Moto G, an entry-level device that time fu a real revolution, thanks above all to the close collaboration with Google.

Motorola has accustomed us to more than decent hardware, Android in its stock version, and a budget-friendly price in its cell phone catalog. The Moto G series has grown over time and although competition today is stronger than ever, i Motorola Moto G have always been synonymous with excellent value for money.

But Motorola didn't want to be alone in this, but has been trying for some time to enter the "premium" market. Its foldable RAZR device that attacks our nostalgia directly or the most recent Motorola Edge Plus, a top of the range that lacks almost nothing, give a good account of it.

2021 is the year consumers should bet on Motorola again?

Pure android and updates

One of the benefits of having a Motorola phone is having Android Stock or that is the same, an almost identical experience to that of the Google Pixel. We say almost identical because Motorola's usually adds some applications to enhance the user experience and they are sincerely appreciated.

That is, no annoying pre-installed apps, no bloatware. Android in its purest version.

Unfortunately, Motorola doesn't update its terminals that quickly, even if in a recent study that analyzed the brands that have updated their terminals more and more slowly, the American company has not fared badly.

Superb battery

Although Motorola terminals are not the most advanced in terms of hardware, the most of them have superlative battery packs which will guarantee us more than one day of autonomy.

Therefore, if what we are looking for is a phone that makes us forget about plugs and power banks and maintains an elegant design, Motorola may be our best option.

Lots of extras

It is clear that over time i cell phones have evolved with a design better, better features, a better photo section. But unfortunately, a lot of things have also been lost such as the removable batteries, FM radio, microSD card slots and even the headphone jack port.

Luckily Motorola seems to be the only brand that continues to keep all of these so many essential extras. Therefore, your phones continue to have expandable storage via microSD or the 3.5 headphone port always desired.

In short, 2021 can be a good year for Motorola, as long as it keeps all the good things it has done so far and manages to improve some of its weakest points. Let's hope so and see Motorola fighting for the top this year.

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