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If you have a realme mobile you are in luck, because we will explain how download unlimited wallpapers thanks to a hidden feature within the realme user interface, the branding level of customization.

With this option, you can use your own photographs for generate, through artificial intelligence, a series of unique wallpapers perfect for adding a touch original and minimalist to our cell phone.

How to change the wallpaper on a realme mobile

Show your kingdom with a unique wallpaper

First of all, and in case you are a bit clueless or clueless, you should know how to change the background of your kingdom. The process is identical to that of other brands' Android phones:

  • With the mobile phone unlocked, press and hold your finger on the home screen.
  • After a couple of seconds, you will see that a pops up small menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press where it says Wallpapers.
  • Choose from "Static Wallpapers" (factory wallpapers that do not move), "Dynamic Wallpapers" (factory wallpapers that change and move) or "Other" (to download themes from the realme store or to search for a photo in local albums ).
  • Choose the wallpaper or photo you want and click "Apply".

In case you wish insert a specific photo as wallpaper, in addition to using the "Other" option, you can also configure it like this:

  • Go to the gallery or Google Photos and open the photo you want to put in the background.
  • Click on "Options" (you will see a three-dot icon where it says "More").
  • Select "Set as wallpaper" and "Apply".

How to have infinite wallpapers on a realme mobile

In case of realme wallpaper generator, even its access is not the other world: it is an option that we can activate from the device image gallery. When we open a photo, we will see an option called «Other», there we will have to click on «Set as wallpaper».

Then you can access the wallpaper generator of your realme

Once done, we can do it click "Apply" to put that image as a background or click the light bulb icon that appears. By clicking on this icon we will see a small animation and then the mobile will show us a small carousel of wallpapers.

These wallpapers they are generated completely automatically from the color palette of the image. Realme's AI processes the image and its colors to create a unique set of backgrounds with a minimalist aesthetic.

If we don't like the result, try a different image to get a lot of completely new backgrounds. We did the test with several photographs and the result it's always different.

Where to find more wallpapers

In case you still want more wallpapers for your realme mobile, we recommend that you go through special wallpapers, where you can find thousands of wallpapers. We update the article every month so that you always have new funds for your phone.

We also have one available collection of animated wallpapers, Pokémon wallpapers or even GTA: San Andreas. Of course you can also use applications to download wallpapers in 4K or try STOKie directly, an app that collects stock wallpapers and has become one of the our essentials.

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