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Last Thursday 11 June at 22:00 in Spain, we finally got to see what Sony's plans were for the new generation of consoles. During almost an hour and a half of the conference, one multitude of trailers went by non-stop for the enjoyment of video game lovers. The icing on the cake was put by the Japanese company showing what its new PlayStation 5 will look like, a console that combines beauty and power in equal parts.

In other words, the new generation of consoles is here and the position of best desktop product will go to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X –Nintendo plays in another league–. There is no more. Despite all of Google's attempts, the its Stadia service has proven to be far behind its main "competitors". There is no doubt that Stadia works really well, but one player wants more. And that Sony, unlike Google, knows perfectly well.

Google Stadia has nothing to do with PlayStation 5

Sony's new console will be available in two models and will be accompanied by fantastic titles

Google Stadia came to us last November. In general terms it is a young video game platform and although it still has a long way to go and room for improvement, unfortunately the market does not have patience. During its lecture, Sony showed what everyone wanted to see. Games. Not only AAA games from big studios, but others with tighter budgets but that look great too.

Spider Man with Miles Morales, Aloy's long-awaited return with Horizon Zero Down 2, the remake of Demons Souls, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil VIII, Ratchet & Clank without forgetting other "minor" titles. Without a doubt, a truly incredible video game catalog that will allow the first months of the PlayStation 5 to be fantastic. Just the opposite of Google Stadia.

Google Stadia has arrived on the market taking full advantage of all its advantages. Nothing had to be installed, everything was instant. However, the first complaints soon arrived, especially those relating to his meager catalog of titles. Months later, the video games that we can find on Stadia are many more but many of these are games available on other platforms - at more expensive prices - or indie. That is, no one will buy Stadia for its games, because simply elsewhere.

Stadia has other benefits, but if you really want to enjoy the great video games of each generation, the Google platform isn't your best option. Video games are what thrills gamers, and while PlayStation 5 with just an hour and a half of conference wowed, Stadia is running out of excuses. It is no longer valid that it is a young platform, that the best is yet to come or that Stadia is the best because nothing needs to be updated. Gamers want to play video games and sadly Stadia doesn't offer us anything different from what we can find not only on PlayStation, but on Xbox, Nintendo and even computers.

With the arrival of the next generation consoles, Stadia has to prove that it can offer much more than it offers now or it will fall into oblivion much sooner than expected. A console doesn't thrive on indie games alone, no matter how good they are like Gylt or titles that have been on the market for years. A console thrives on having a large catalog of interesting video games and to this day Stadia does not have it.

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