PcComponents pressed their back to school with tips so they wouldn't break the connection

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Back to school this year is more creative than ever. Schools and educational centers have had to rake the brain to draw up new classes, bubble groups and new ways of educating, trying to limit contacts between students. Thankfully we are referring to physical contact, because online contact did not suffer any barriers.

This new course does load offers on smartphones, tablets and other devices that allow you to keep contact between people very close despite the two meters of distance. Don't miss the sales and news on the go that will keep your brain from rusting and keep moving the wings of your imagination.

Only the Galaxy A51 is among the best-selling phones of 2020.

Perhaps this new course is the time to jump into the void discovering a new world, that of foldable mobile phones, which has been talked about for months but until now rarely seen. With these we can take automatic selfies, with a much better countdown, thanks to the fact that it can be used to support it on oneself. If you haven't considered it yet, foldable mobiles are back to stay, accept it.

Other mobiles that will make you perfect on social networks, with a true influencer profile, they are the new ones Samsung A71 e A51. Or if we're looking for something bigger, to check out even the smallest detail of your friends' publications, maybe we can talk about the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10. If we aspire to more moderate spending, it is Xiaomi Note 9 Redmire it can be an interesting option, you don't have to wait for Black Friday.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has 5 rear sensors, among which the 108 megapixel one stands out

You can enjoy talking to your family, but if your smartphone is powerful enough, you can enjoy playing too. Who said you can't play games with a mobile phone? Well, there are already many who are trying to win against their friends. If you don't want to fall asleep like hibernating bears in September, switch your smartphone for one more powerful, like the new realme, very well regulated prices and GPUs in it.

If you have reached the level re su Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok, your friends like everything and know the applications 100%, try to climb a step and dare with a tablet. With an Android mobile and tablet you can have all applications and files saved on both sites.

So it is one of the best mid-range Samsungs.

After reviewing the most important devices so that the connection does not break with the people we care about, we come to the most fashionable devices, wearables. Decorate your wrist with a smart watch, give yourself a sporty touch and at the same time forget about depending on the sound of your mobile. You can read and even respond to notifications that arrive on your smartphone from your wrist.

Could it be by imagination? Let the ideas flow, take the your photo studio and press the shutter of your mobile phone camera, let the posture be with you in the new course!

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