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A few days ago, I explained in an article some criteria that must be considered so that they can start a conversation or chat more correctly on Badoo and therefore have more opportunities to interact or communicate with other users of this social network.

Now, it is necessary to delve into the matter by explaining a few things so that interested parties can design original and special phrases on Badoo to start a conversation and also, I leave some concrete examples that can explain things better and help when the mind becomes clouded and it takes that spark to attract attention and gracefully or stoically start a chat on Badoo chat. I hope this article as a tutorial is very educational and practical.

Design phrases for chatting on Badoo

In order for a message on Badoo to be followed and, of course, to have a response, it is important that those concerned can take the trouble to create and articulate a good sentence or text that contains these 3 essential "pieces or gears" and which make a difference or stand out from the classics and poor messages that abound on Badoo.

  • Greeting: it is important that at the beginning of the text the respective greeting is emitted with the name of the caller or user and it is possible to insert the type of question: how are you? to give it more formality.

Example: "Hello (username), how was your weekend?…" or "Hello (username), come stai?…«.

  • Polite praise: Another piece of equipment that can encourage or spur a response is some kind of praise. But not just any compliment… You have to be smart enough to write something special, that is personalized towards that person, using, of course, good relations and without going to the extreme of being slimy.

Example: " …I have just reviewed your photos and I can say without a doubt that you have a wonderful and radiant smile, you transmit a beautiful energy… " or " Uhmm… that dress looks great on you, you look like a princess who ran away from somewhere. " history… »

  • Open question or concern: Finally, it is crucial to formulate an open-ended question or concern that stimulates response and requires, in some way, more than a yes or no answer.

Example: " …I have to ask you…. In your photos I see that you have traveled to (city, countryside) can you give me any advice on a (restaurant, bar, hotel)? since in a few (days, weeks, months) I will be there… " or, " …Sorry, out of curiosity… but, wow, what a photo!! Can you explain the secrets to making photos like this?… «

Note no. 1 | By the way, the message that is written must not have spelling errors (if possible) and must be legible (well articulated). That already adds points and immediately makes a very good impression.

In summary or summary, a good sentence that can catch the eye and can be answered with more possibilities is composed of:

Greeting + polite compliment + open question or concern

That said, you can graph some examples of openers who can take, modify, or transform them to suit your interests.

Phrases to insert Badoo | curious questions

These openers are examples to arouse the other user's curiosity and intrigue and, of course, stimulate them to receive a proper response.

  • Hi (username), uhmm… I know something about you
  • >

    • Hi (username), I saw you last weekend… did you enjoy yourself?

    Phrases to insert Badoo | confusions

    These other sentences are quite interesting and unusual since they play a bit with confusion or misunderstanding and deserve a rectification from the other user.

    • Hi (username), sorry, are you the one who fell on the street yesterday? How's your ankle?
    • Hi (username), I think I saw you on the street (street name)… By the way, that red dress you were wearing looks good on you.

    Phrases to insert Badoo | situational

    Other questions that can be great conversation starters are situational ones. That is, ask for their opinion on something or a situation that they hypothetically want to fix.

    • Hi (username), what would you think of someone asking you out here?
    • Hi (username), I was reviewing your profile and I thought maybe you could help me… what would you give to someone who is very close to you and you respect a lot?

    Badoo conversation phrases | advisory

    Another interesting » vein » to start chatting on Badoo is nothing more than asking questions in which the other user is asked something.

    • Hello (username), you are very pretty in your photos with those shoes… it may seem a bit silly but, my sister's birthday and I would like to give her a nice present, do you know where to sell those shoes?
    • Hi (username), how are you? You know, I noticed a detail… that book you are holding is Pop Art, right?

    Phrases to insert Badoo | ironic

    Another important range of phrases are those that are sprinkled or dipped in ironies that can bring out a smile or break directly with the typical patterns for confronting someone.

    • Hi (username), I was looking for the most beautiful girl in Badoo to chat with… However, I didn't find her and I'll have to settle for chatting with you.
    • Hi (wrong username), how are you? I don't want you to feel bad… I don't know, if it's the angle of the photos or the makeup, but something doesn't suit you…

    Badoo conversation phrases | Bold

    Finally, there is another type of elaborate sentences that may or may not have a margin of success and they are the bold ones where you want to start a conversation with some flirtation and if it is answered, it takes some ingenuity and skill to maintain the tension and play.

    • Hi (username), uhmm… I was looking carefully at your profile and I have to confess that I love you for myself, what do you think, is it possible?
    • Hello (username), check your profile and I would like to test you… I want to see how long it takes you to fall in love with me… Do you think it's a good challenge?

    Conversation Starters on Badoo | last words

    Finally, it is necessary to clarify that the first sentence is a way to start off on the right foot or it is the tip of the spear to break the ice and more likely to receive a long-awaited answer in Badoo chat. However, that's not all to be successful… You also need to have certain skills to sustain the conversation starting with the opening or initial sentence being sent to finally come to a good conclusion.

    The first message in Badoo chat is precious. However, it will be crucial to have developed the social, emotional and seduction skills to weave an attractive and stimulating thread of conversation with the user who wants it, good luck.

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