On which platforms does Facebook Shop allow me to sell WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook…?

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Facebook shop functionality

The creation of the store is very simple, those who have physical activities but were unable to open due to confinement can take advantage of this platform to start digital commerce; you can easily customize your virtual store, with colors and designs that suit your brand parameters. Regardless of the size of your business, it's time to start because ecommerce is booming.

You can create a catalog with what you offer through your brand, the products you have for sale, you can pay Facebook to advertise your store, you can make streaming videos through the platform and offer your products at the same time; Customers can select what they want, they can also save what they want to buy in the future, such as a shopping cart.

The idea of ​​creating a virtual store is that you can earn money, so Facebook Shop includes the option for your customers to pay for their purchase. Counting on the ease of payment methods. This will be stored in your buyer record, giving you positive ratings that benefit you when you shop in other stores ; But how can you contact your customers? And from which platforms can you sell your products?

Platforms for selling on Facebook Shop

The idea is that the your physical store has a reflection in the digital world and via Facebook Shop you can offer products via Instagram and even link both accounts. If your customers need your help in the product purchase and selection process, they can contact you via Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram DM, it all depends on the option you enable.

It is true that we can currently create pages to sell on Instagram and Facebook, but these are associated with the pages of the shops where the purchase is finally formalized. However, the idea of ​​the company with Facebook Shop is that the customer can make the purchase without leaving the application. In the US, you can already take advantage of this platform feature.

Zuckerberg's plans aren't limited to Facebook, he also has an Instagram Shop . Users could make their purchases directly from the story browser, once again, without leaving the app; Users are expected to be able to offer their products via WhatsApp as well; the services and functions of these platforms allow companies to reach a greater number of customers.

Although we don't know when Facebook Shop Sara available For the rest of the world, it is encouraging to know that no matter how small your company or store is, you will be able to leverage these platforms to position yourself in the digital world and open up new horizons that will allow you to continue producing.

Leaving the house is not an option right now, at least for now; So take advantage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to make your way into E-commerce and sell your products.

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