Not suitable for sensitive: this is the first case of synthetic human skin

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Personally I think the cases are indispensable elements for a smartphone. It's nice to enjoy the pure design of the terminal at home and safe from falls, but outside the home the story changes. as our mobile phone is more exposed to falls and bumps, and this is dangerous.

The most advisable thing is usually to opt for a cover with a finish that is comfortable in the hand. And today we will show you a case that, perhaps, you did not imagine existed, and that it is better not to see if you are sensitive: it is made of synthetic human skin and you can even interact with your mobile by touching it.

This is the synthetic human leather case that you can interact with your cellphone

Yes, strangely, Telecom Paris engineers have developed a cell phone case with which we can interact in different ways, causing different responses in the terminal depending on what we do in this case, since it can respond to different impulses, like a pinch, or tap very often.

This has a Skin-On interface capable of recognizing interactions thanks to its sensory circuits. It's made of silicone - it's not real human skin, of course - and comes in two colors, one more realistic than the other. Although, personally, it still doesn't look like human skin to use.

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This technology is not only applicable to a cell phone case, it can also be placed on a laptop's touchpad or other smart devices as well. Although, honestly, we don't know what real use it can have, as it adds a lot of thickness to the terminal, and the way of interacting with it is far from comfortable. Not to mention the bad feeling that, personally, I think it causes to see him.

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