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Just as you don't have a mobile phone but an iPhone, you don't have a tablet but an iPad and you don't have a computer but a MacBook, Apple device users don't make a video call but a FaceTime.

FaceTime is still the same, a native Apple application to make video calls just like other tools like Skype, Zoom and many others do. The advantage of this is that it is installed as standard on Apple devices and that we will recognize it, it is easy to use and works really well. Also, it's nicer to say FaceTime and not video calling.

And yes, many of us have argued that FaceTime has to come to Android and when we found out a few days ago that it would, we were really happy.

However, the joy didn't last long as Apple once again treated all those Android device users as second-rate users. Yup, FaceTime would arrive on Android but not as an application but as a web service. Or which one is the same, in a way that no one will use it.

Apple, nobody will use FaceTime on Android

Who will use FaceTime outside the Apple ecosystem?

The last few months have taught us a few things, among which the importance of having a good video calling application, both for teleworking and for talking to our acquaintances or relatives, stands out. Apple knows that Zoom is one of the most popular tools for this task today and that is why made the recent decision to release FaceTime on other platforms than those of the bitten apple.

Now, Apple has made a serious mistake in our judgment. Because the advantage of using Skype, Zoom, and the rest of the other style apps is that they are cross-platform, with one application for each of them. Something Apple won't do with FaceTime.

Because if an Android user, for whatever reason, wants to do a FaceTime, they must access this tool via a link in the browser. No convenience in opening a downloaded app and starting the videoconference immediately. An obvious mistake.

The reasons for this are clear. Just as Apple does not want to create an iMessage application for Android because that would make iPhones sell less at the same time way does not want users of Google's operating system to have a native FaceTime application. Apple wants to treat Android owners as second-rate users. Want to use the FaceTime app? Well, buy an iPhone.

Obviously, no Android user will use FaceTime web. First, because nobody wants to feel like a second-class user and on the other hand, because there are other alternatives that have applications to download in the Play Store, why use Apple's tool? Nonsense.

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