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Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article in which I commented on the phenomenon of fake profiles that are found or discovered on social networks and on Badoo, which generates some discomfort and insecurity in some people when they use this service to meet new people just to chat, make friends and maybe find a special relationship.

Well, a few days ago the social network Badoo has implemented a new innovative option so that users can verify or prove their identity and therefore clarify doubts and show yourself to other users in a real, sincere way and effective, this resource or option is in addition to others that can be used to verify the profile you have on Badoo but unlike most others, you can reliably prove identity accreditation on Badoo since it must be done with a photo that must be taken and uploaded by imitating the gesture they indicate and that is a simple and easy measure to verify a profile.

That is why, below, I leave a tutorial so that you can verify your profile with the different options, including the option of the photo where the gesture must be imitated and finally, I must point out that that photo to verify the identity it will not be exposed or published in the Badoo profile, i.e. only Badoo can see it to check if you are real or not.

How to verify my Badoo profile | Step 1

The first thing to do, of course, is to log into our Badoo account and go to our user profile.

How to verify my Badoo profile | Step 2

Once, in the profile you will be able to see a bar on the right (if you are using Badoo on a desktop computer) with a title that says Verifications and that is precisely why verify or prove your identity in Badoo.

Then, you will have to choose with a click the option or options with which you want to verify your identity on Badoo and which are the following: photo, telephone number, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Badoo Super Powers and Card.

In case you want to check with a photo, you have to click on that option.

A window will appear in which they indicate that you need to take a photo by imitating the gesture that is displayed with a click on Take a photo which will serve to verify your profile and make sure that no one will see it.

If you also want to use the other options to verify your Badoo profile, just click on them and a window will appear where they will ask you for some things such as your phone number or your social network account data to process this Badoo identity accreditation and with that, you'll have a profile that proves your identity.

Badoo Profile | Remarks

  • Finally, this resource is quite useful to implement on Badoo as we remove or dispel the doubts and uncertainties that other users may have about one and also allows each to have a margin of certainty that they can talk to a person who is really them.
  • Now, it should be noted that it is not an obligation to prove identity on Badoo and it also does not mean that the user who does not do so is directly created or a fake profile, it is just an option that users of this social network can use.

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