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The Internet has become essential for our life and our daily life. And it is that everything revolves around him, which is why he is so necessary on our mobile. We need the Internet to work, research, watch TV, study, and even communicate with family and friends; even leaving out calls and text messages, which in theory are the basic functions of a telephone.

It is always necessary that our wifi is always available and working perfectly, but it is possible that the wifi of our mobile phone can disconnect, stop working or not show available networks. It can also happen that our wifi works, however, when we block the mobile, it disconnects. If any of this happens to you, you can try these solutions to fix your cell phone's Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi is constantly disconnected

If your phone starts disconnecting constantly and hasn't had this error before, the error could be coming from the system. If the error persists over time, the best thing to do to fix this situation is make a copy di backup phone and reset the phone to the factory state.

To perform this procedure you need to go to the phone settings and select the option Cloud and accounts. There you need to select press Copy and restore. Enable the Backup option and press the option Restore data.

After this process, your device should stop automatically disconnecting from Wi-Fi networks. If this procedure does not resolve the error, it is best to take the equipment to a technical service.

The Wi-Fi is disconnected when the cellphone is locked

If your phone normally connects to a Wi-Fi network, but it automatically logs out every time you lock it and you have to connect it manually on every occasion, the Wi-Fi is most likely set to disconnect and you will need to change those settings.

To do this, you will need to go to the Wi-Fi settings, advanced options and disable the call function Turn on Sleep Wi-Fi. After completing this last step, your phone shouldn't have any issues logging off with every screen lock.

My mobile phone's Wi-Fi is disconnected from the network but that of other devices isn't

If there is a Wi-Fi network and everyone with you can connect without any problems except you, it is likely that your device has a virus, an application that interferes with the Wi-Fi connection or the Wi-Fi of your mobile phone has been damaged due to some impact on your device.

If the case turns out to be for one of the first two reasons, you could install an antivirus on your device, put your phone in airplane mode and then disable it or restart your mobile. This would be enough to solve the problem.

If, on the other hand, the error is due to a failure of your device's Wi-Fi, the most viable solution is to bring your mobile phone for technical assistance.

My phone no longer connects to Wi-Fi networks

If your device has lost connection to your home Wi-Fi network, two things could happen:

  1. Network settings such as IP address e DHCP do not match
  2. The waves emitted by the Wi-Fi network generate interference and the signal does not reach the mobile device.

To solve the problems related to the first case, we recommend update the device software, this will reset your device's Wi-Fi settings and then connect as usual.

To update the software go to your phone settings, hit the status update option, check if there is a newer version and update.

To avoid interference conflict, make sure your router is in a high area, not blocked by cardboard or metal, and away from other devices that emit waves, just like a radio would.

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