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This device is useful for copying videos from a DVD to a USB stick or simply saving files from a PC to a USB stick in general.

Don't rush! Before you get rid of it and lose all your information, make sure you've tried everything. We usually think these appear out of nowhere, due to factory errors or a virus that has attacked our device.

How to solve the problem: my PC does not recognize my USB flash drive without a doubt it should be the priority instead of choosing the simplest way of all.

We could also think that they are a product of the time of use of the pendrive, or its own mismanagement. And while these are common situations, the error could come from another source, such as drivers.

Here we offer you a guide with two common mistakes for which reading the removable storage device fails as well as the step by step solution for each case.


If the fault is in the controllers

One of the reasons why the PC does not recognize a USB flash drive is due to the lack of drivers or their update. Indeed, this failure is one of the most common and recurrent. The good thing is that has a solution and it is quite simple.

We just need to check if the drivers needed to read the USB memory stick are installed correctly in the required version. For this, we must:

Find the icon » computer «, On the desktop or in the Windows Start Panel, then press the right mouse button and choose the option» Property «.

The tab will open, in which we go to the section "Device management", so that it will launch us a window in which we will find a list with all the drivers that the operating system needs to work.

The section that interests us in this case is called «Controller bus», we select it by determining the expansion of the menu for this option.

We will have at our disposal all the controllers of the USB inputs of which the equipment has. If any of these have a yellow triangle next to them, it means this could be the error and solution to your problem.

Because now, you just have to right-click and choose » Update driver software "Or" Check for hardware changes "


Immediately after that, click on the "Search for drivers" option and it will automatically update if new versions are available.

In the end, if that was the mistake on yours USB memory, the problem will be solved. Thus, the computer will correctly recognize the USB device and you will be able to access it.

The path repeats itself

In case the driver is not the error, it is possible that the PC does not recognize a USB stick because the path or letter is already assigned.

That is, that letter in brackets that we see next to the name of our hard drives in "Computer" must be unique for each device.

If the USB has a repeating path or letter, the computer recognizes it, but will not give you the option to access it until it is changed. For this we follow this step by step.

From the beginning, we access the " Control Panel »And then enter« Administrative tools ».

Subsequently, we opted for the first alternative «Team manager». A window will open and in the side menu we will select " Disk management «.

We will see all of our storage devices with your information. Consequently, we right-click on the USB we want to modify and select the option "Change drive letter and paths".

Next, we click on "Add" and change the letter that identifies it. Remember to place one that is not assigned to another device.

Let's click «OK» again and it should read your USB memory without any problem, as long as this is the error.

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