My mobile has fallen and the image is not visible, the screen remains black - Solution

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First you need to know the possible reasons why your screen went black after dropping. For example, when your cell phone falls into the water and won't turn on. Since it might have damage physical , danni all’hardware or some electronic parts that have broken due to use or an accident.

In these cases it is very useful to know how to recover files from a cell phone that does not turn on? ; as this way you can save the information on your mobile. Although, in minor accidents; you may simply need to remove the scratches from the mobile phone's touch screen.

Other possible consequences can be difficulties with the software or the programs that control all your computer settings. Now if, knowing this, we will begin to see possible solutions.

How to fix hardware problems (black screen)

In case there is physical damage or as it is known in technical jargon, a hardware damage, you can tell if it is true or not by testing the battery.

To do this it is necessary to turn it off, remove the battery and then clean it, also clean where it is placed, insert it again and turn the mobile phone back on.

In case it still does not turn on, you can test the flex, that the screen and the card are well connected; because of this you need to have the right tools, or try a second-hand screen too; In case you don't know how to do it, it's best to seek out a professional technician.

Find out how to fix black screen (software difficulty)

If the mobile phone got stuck on a black screen a due to some difficulty with the phone software, you can try many things from home to fix it; one of them is to manually fix it.

To do this, turn off your mobile to start booting, you can do it by holding down the power and volume down buttons at the same time; keep it pressed until it enters mode «Android system recovery» ; once inside, select "wipe cache partition" using the volume up and down and on / off buttons to select.

If after restarting the problem persists, it is better to enter recovery mode again by selecting "Reboot system now" and then you will restore your mobile to the settings it had when it was new.

Use «Dr. Fone Android System Repair »and remove the black screen

No prior technical knowledge is required to use this software recovery program, as its interface is very easy to implement. Now you will see the steps you need to take in order to get your mobile back up and running after it has been locked on black screen.

Step 1: Download "Dr. Fone System Repair"

Enter the official page of Dr. Fone

Step 2: Select your mobile device information

Select the brand, name, model, country and operator.

Step 3: Connect your mobile in the download function

Turn off the phone, press and hold the volume down + on / off buttons and press the volume up button to enter download mode.

Step 4: Download the firmware

By entering the download function, the program download automatically the firmware to start the repair.

Step 5: Repair the system

Wait patiently for it to repair the system, everything will be reset to factory settings.

It is good that you know that with the dr.fone application you can too recover data from your phone in download mode, you can recycle your contacts data, call history, WhatsApp messages and images, as well as messages and other files as you need.

If you nearly suffered a heart attack when you saw your cell phone drop and stay with it black screen, you can rest assured because it can be fixed with these simple steps. From now on you will have to be more careful when using your mobile; take precautionary measures and install a tempered glass protector on your mobile phone. So you will continue to enjoy all the applications you love.

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