My external hard drive won't boot or is not recognized by my PC How to fix it? - Very easy

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Through hard drives or external drives it is possible to transfer large files and at a higher speed. But when the external hard drive is not recognized by the PC, it is considered a common problem that occurs when the person installs more than one inside their computer.

However, there are many reasons why this problem can also occur, the solutions of which are obtained through functions developed by the computer or simply by modifying some physical aspect of the disk.

To do this, Microsoft is responsible for identifying why the computer cannot boot or recognize the external hard drive that was automatically installed.

Why is your external hard drive not recognized by the PC?

Errors that can affect the proper functioning of the hard disk are divided into three types.

Error caused by a physical ailment

When it comes to physical, it refers to any damage that a mechanical element that makes up the hard drive has received. These are caused because at some point the computer may receive a violent blow or some of its components have worn out.

This type of case is considered a difficult problem to solve, as it compromises the disc and its contents. It can only be solved by an expert.

Logical errors

On the other hand, these are considered the simplest, since they are caused by power outages, software errors or computer viruses.

These elements make the external hard drive not recognized by the PC, because it affects the file system which is responsible for saving and sorting the information inside it.

Electronic problems on the external hard drive

These types of errors are directly related to the printed circuit board, PCB, and any component that controls the mechanical part of the disc.

Although it does not allow detection, the solution is to recover it through maintenance or simply extracting the information needed to replace it.

The easiest and fastest solution to fix the detection!

When the external hard drive is not recognized by the PC, the Windows operating system offers a very simple solution by configuring the computer.

What you need to do is verify that what is not detected by the computer appears at least installed inside the computer. Through the option Manage the your equipment PC you can guarantee this step.

A window called "Computer management" will appear on the screen, with the "Storage" option containing "Disk Management" in its left column.

Once pressed there, all hard drives that have been detected by your computer will be reflected on the screen, sorted from number 0 onwards.

What to do if the external hard drive that your PC does not recognize appears in the list?

To fix the detection, you need to boot the disk and create any partitions you deem necessary. If that doesn't work, you can try formatting it or changing the letter assigned to it so that it reappears in your computer's File Explorer.

Second case: the external hard drive is not recognized by the PC and does not even appear in the list

The cause of this is simply that the connection between the computer and the disk is not made correctly, so there are two possible solutions:

  • The main way to fix it is to reinstall the driver, which you can find by going to the manufacturer's page.

When you find your hard drive model, you can download it to your computer. If not, there's also the option to use other programs or applications that allow you to install the driver if Windows doesn't do it automatically.

  • If the above solution does not work, resort to opening the PC and check that the external hard drive is properly connected to the rest of the computer.

After completing either of these two options, remember to verify that the disk was automatically detected successfully.

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