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One of the things that can cause the most heartache when it comes to getting known on a social network, and especially on Badoo, is failing to generate that chemistry or that vital connection with another user due to a certain lack of social skills, little dedication, disinterest or, for not having an adequate profile that invites or attracts the curiosity of the other members and arises in a positive way, this mutual attraction.

Well, there is a very interesting resource that can act as a real ace in the hole or as a joker so that this fortune changes and in this way the reciprocal attractions deemed convenient can be produced and which is called precisely Dating at Badoo which he had already written about on a previous occasion.

But what is Badoo Encounters?

In simple words, this free tool called Encounters is a kind of game where users can view photos of other users and choose whether to click on a » heart » button or a » cross « button, depending on the interest or minus, which awakens the image of some users who appear randomly, one after the other after each vote.

To the extent that Dating is played on Badoo and hearts are clicked (only recommended for those interested) the chances or margin that this attraction is mutual will increase and therefore, that or those users will also click on the heart when seeing your profile and generate mutual attraction without having to search for people on Badoo, get attention and chat… sounds cool, right.

So what are the mutual attractions on Badoo?

Mutual attractions on Badoo are a result of using the Dating tool and where 2 parties i.e. 2 users have used this service and clicked on the heart while viewing each other's profile as they felt a good energy, curiosity, chemistry or, so-called attraction which eventually led to a mutual or mutual attraction between the parties.

Whenever it occurs a mutual attraction on Badoo using Encounters, the system of this network of contacts will let you know why this mutual attraction has occurred and a new message will appear in the chat window in which they indicate this situation that has occurred., user and invite you to send them a message so that they can speak freely and do it, don't miss this chance.

On the other hand, all mutual attractions that may arise or occur while playing Encounters will be duly within your reach, by clicking on the option He likes me and then, clicking on the tab that says Attractions and right there, you will be able to view all those profiles who have felt a mutual attraction with you and you will be able to go into their profiles and talk to them, to see if that connection you have can mature.

Nota 1 | By the way, if you have activated Badoo's Super Powers you will be able to know in advance which users have clicked on the heart when viewing your profile, i.e. those users who have used Dating and somehow like you.

Finally, it should be noted that it is a tool for generating Attractions when a greater margin of safety is required. However, it is not the only way because they can still get an attraction if they have writing skills and you can move or delight other people with good words or separately or together they have an enviable look which is hard for other users to resist and this , you have to use it in your favor.

All that remains is to say good luck and use this valuable resource to meet people and find someone special.

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