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What the new Motorola Razr has become one of the mobile phones that attracted the most attention this last part of the year shouldn't surprise anyone. The Californian company has succeeded to perfectly blend nostalgia and innovation, creating a foldable phone that really makes sense.

But - there is always a but - not everything could be so good: the new Motorola Razr will be begging, because its launch will not take place until next year 2020. Furthermore, everything indicates that the terminal will arrive first in United States, and then make the leap to the rest of the regions of the planet. And when it does, it won't exactly be cheap.

However, there are always ways to liven up the wait until you arrive. One of them is get the original backgrounds included with the phone, which, thanks to the folks at Android Headlines, can now be downloaded in high resolution.

Download the wallpapers of the foldable Motorola Razr

The background gallery consists of a total of six different images. The vast majority follow the same abstract style - quite similar to what OnePlus usually uses in its - and flaunts completely black backgrounds that highlight the contrast of the flexible internal screen based on the pOLED technology of the device is equipped with.

However, some wallpapers of the curious "retro" mode available to the terminal are also included, which simulates the interface of the original Motorola Razr.

All wallpapers are available for the download in high resolution. To do this, below we propose a link to the Google Drive folder shared by the YTechb portal, which takes care of extracting the wallpapers from the device software. Finally, we recommend that you check out our weekly selection of mobile wallpapers in case you are looking to give your home screen a change of scenery.

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