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The mobile phone must not be used only for playing, but the uses we can give it are infinite, and range from free time to work, through the management of productivity or sports. And the good applications we have on Android help us use our mobile for many things.

However, if you need a mobile to work, it must have some essential features for you can play the your work in a comfortable way and the smartphone can provide you with everything you need from it, and we will tell you what the features are.

Good autonomy and fast charging

If you're going to work on your mobile, you need a device that can withstand the pressure of receiving multiple calls per day, surfing the internet and messaging. Luck is that right now some manufacturers are including large batteries in their devices and autonomy problems are no longer as widespread as they were years ago. However, there are some terminals that can boast of holding up more than others.

And the Xiaomi Mi 10 with its 4780 mAh, the Redmi K30 Pro with its 4.700 mAh or the OnePlus 8 with its 4.510 mAh, stand out a little from the average and have good performance in terms of autonomy. As we say, practically all smartphones withstand a busy day, but you should avoid devices that have a battery of less than 4.000mAh. Apart from a few exceptions, yes.

Something that is highly recommended, no matter which mobile you choose, is that it has fast charging, as it allows you to give your terminal a good boost for the whole day in some charging time. And, luckily for you, virtually all mid-range and high-end mobiles today have a fast charging protocol.

Native functions (duplicate applications, recorder ...)

While it has always been very common that mobile phones don't have to carry native applications, I am a staunch defender of integrating some, as well as features that allow you to get more out of your mobile. And in this, companies like Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung are experts, as they have the most complete levels of android.

In these, you will be able to find functions such as duplicating applications or the native audio recorder that will come in handy, especially the former, since will allow you to create a "copy" of applications such as WhatsApp to be able to log in with two accounts at the same time and another icon will be created to allow access to the desired account.

Apart from that, there are also cool things, like the Samsung's focus mode, which gives us the means to increase our productivity and reduce distractions. And learning how to use this sort of thing, and having it there without having to install third-party applications, is a plus.

A solvent camera in every situation

This point is a bit more debatable, but the truth is, whatever you use your smartphone, a good camera is always at hand, which knows how to properly solve every situation that comes your way, and it doesn't matter if you are self-employed or community manager, a good camera never hurts and can help you in many situations.

In this sense, we could do not find out if we recommend a Google Pixel, since, every year, the company brings out the best camera on the Android market, and that's not debatable, since the processing applied by the company is usually unrivaled year after year.

I have to say this year The Huawei P40 Pro is one of the best alternatives to the Pixel in terms of the camera, but with its software shortcomings, we prefer to recommend the terminal from Google, which is a guarantee in terms of software and camera.

Good level of power and hardware resistant to the passage of time

It is clear that, if you want a smartphone to work, it is absolutely essential that it has an excellent level of power and that its hardware will continue to be competent in a few years. You want reliability and that your cellphone does not let you be thrown to a minimum. And it is completely normal.

In the end accounts, whatever our working tool, we all want it to be stable and that there are no unexpected events, interruptions or problems at all times. And the same thing happens with a cell phone. And yes, it is perfectly possible to achieve it.

In this case, our recommendations are very clear: OnePlus and iPhone. Whatever ecosystem you like, you have two incredibly good terminals to choose from, that have software and hardware that will continue to work for you in two years and you can trust.

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