Lunar mode in Samsung: what it is and how to use it

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Sometimes Samsung includes a few functions in his cell phones without notifying anyone or promoting them of any kind. This is the case with a very curious addition such as the so-called «Moon Mode».

It is a feature included in the app Samsung cell phone camera with a software version equal to or higher than One UI 2.5, which, as the name indicates, is meant to capture better photographs of the only natural satellite on Earth.

Ma how does the Moon mode of your Samsung mobile really work and what is it for? Today we explain everything you need to know about this useful and curious function.

Moon mode on a Samsung Galaxy S20 mobile phone.

What is Samsung's Moon Mode and what is it for?

As I said, the Moon mode is an option included in the One UI camera application starting from version 2.5, which allows you to capture better photos of the Moon.

Broadly speaking, it is one function derived from the "Night mode" included in the app, which without becoming as advanced as the Google Pixel astrophotography mode, can help improve satellite acquisitions to some extent.

While how the mode works is a mystery, we know it's one function based on artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, since it is part of the function of intelligent scene detection included in the terminals of the brand.

Moon mode on a Samsung mobile.

How do I know if my mobile phone has it?

Samsung has not specified the requirements that a terminal must have in order to include the Moon Mode. However, we know this is one functionality included from One UI 2.5. Therefore, if your mobile has been updated to that version, you may already have it on your terminal.

Either way, it's better check for yourself if it is present on your mobile. To do this, simply wait for night to fall and, with scene detection activated, points towards the moon. If this option is present, a blue circular icon with a moon inside should appear.

How is Moon mode used?

If you've made sure your mobile has Moon mode included, the process for use this function it is extremely simple. You simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the camera app of your Samsung mobile.
  2. If not activated, it activates the AI-based scene detection mode.
  3. Point the camera towards the Moon and wait for the blue symbol with a crescent inside to appear.
  4. With this symbol on the screen, tap the button to capture the image.

Le opinions about Luna Mode Samsung they are conflicting. Some indicate that the quality of the photographs improves substantially with this mode activated, while others claim that there are no differences in terms of detail or image quality.

In any case, it is always best to check for yourself.

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