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In general, most Tinder users log in from their mobile or cell phones thanks to the Tinder application which greatly facilitates the process of meeting and finding a partner. Now, however, it's absolutely doable Log in to Tinder with email using a PC or computer that you have or even the mobile device that you have and for this we have prepared this article in which we will explain the way they can enter Tinder with emails without problems or inconveniences, follow these steps.

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Log in to Tinder with email [Instructions]

To access Tinder with email, you will need to follow this procedure which will allow you to successfully access your TInder account.

Enter Tinder and log in

1.- First, they have to open their favorite web browser from their PC or mobile phone and load the web version of Tinder.

2.- At this point they will press or click on the button that says: «log in» which they will find in the upper right part of the screen if they use a PC or, in the lower central part if they use a mobile phone.

3.- After doing the above, a central window will open with different input options and therefore here, they will press or click on the button that says: «log in with phone number»

verify identity

4.- A new window will appear and therefore here, you must enter your phone number correctly and after that, press or click on the button that says: «Continue»

5.- They will inform you that they have sent a message with a 6-digit code to their phone which they must see and enter it correctly and once done, they will click or tap the button that says: «Continue»

*NOTE: To access Tinder by email, you will need to receive this code on your phone which will allow Tinder to verify that you are the real user of your account. However, if for some reason they need to log into Tinder with email and no phone, they can do so by recovering a Tinder account as explained in the procedure shown in the tinder support, but for this they have to enter another phone number instead.

Log in to Tinder with the email

6.- In this way, a new window will appear in which they are told that they have sent a code to their email associated with their Tinder account that they should go to see.

7.- They will open a new window or tab of their browser without closing the Tinder one and enter their email and then open the Tinder message here and copy the 6-digit code.

8.- Finally, go back to the Tinder page and enter the code and once finished and if you use a PC, the user search section of your Tinder will load automatically and if you are using a mobile phone, you must click on the « buttonconfirm your email» and they will go into user search and then log into Tinder.

That way, they'll be able to sign in to Tinder with their email in the web version of Tinder that's enabled for use on their PC or mobile device.

True, that phone is needed to check if I'm the person behind that account, but there is no other possible way to access Tinder with email and without a phone. Unless they recover their account but in this process they are required to enter another phone number.

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