KidsGuard Pro: Monitor your children's cell phone activity without arousing suspicion

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With that in mind, let us introduce KidsGuard Pro, smartphone application   which you can easily download from the Play Store, which monitor the activity of your children's cell phones, without arousing suspicion.

KidsGuard Pro will allow you to see, in real time, your children's mobile device activity. Preventing them from engaging in any dangerous activity on the web. You shouldn't feel bad about using this type of tracking, as long as they are minors, it is your obligation to protect them from the evils that can corrupt them in any way, or take advantage of them.

By following the steps of this guide correctly, you will be able to leave the application well configured. In this way DON'T they will yield tale that you can see their business. Sure, you can apply it to all your kids' phones, to make sure things are going well. The only requirement is to put KidsGuard Pro on a device with the Android or iOS operating system. Another option you could use is blocking adult pages on your kids' Android mobile. 

What to do if I find something wrong with my child's cell phone?

Before continuing, you should think about the actions you will take, if you will discover something wrong with your children's cell phones, through this App. The good thing would be for you to talk to him about safety and the precautions that must be taken into consideration when browsing the web.

Tell him about the dangers and how to avoid them, don't make him feel uncomfortable, but if you think he deserves punishment, it may push him to move forward more appropriately.

Also stop and think, if what you have found is really a danger, or if it does not alarm you at all. In these kinds of situations, it's better act calmly, always looking for the best for your kids.

How does KidsGuard Pro monitor my children's mobile activity?

The process is extremely simple. You just have to log into the ClevGuard website using your computer and look for the option that says »sign up«. Once the button is pressed, you will need to create an account, entering basic data such as email and password, as well as the terms and conditions.

Already registered, and after logging in, you will need to enter the child's information that you will start tracking. Don't worry, this is limited to his name and age.

As a third step, you will choose the operating system of cellular of your child (can be Android or iOS). And, automatically, a screen will appear asking you to download the application on the device of the child you are going to take care of.

At this point you should work with your child's cell phone. You will go to the download page and move the download bar to the right. When the application finishes downloading on your phone, you will need to open and install it.

Once the installation is finished, we will choose the open option and log in with the account we created from the computer. You will be asked for some permissions that you need to accept and some settings to activate.

Granting all that is necessary, we will press the option »start monitoring«. Ready! KidsGuard Pro will not show any icons after installation.

Now, by accessing the first ClevGuard link that we leave you, you will be able check all the movements of your child from the computer. Calls, messages, WhatsApp conversations, location and a long etc.

Precautions to consider

Remember that this application is used to monitor the minors in your care. If you use it on the phone of another minor or an adult, would you commit one severe illegal practice. Take responsibility for this type of control software.

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