Is your mobile phone protected? Check out these 3 tools that keep you safe on the internet

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In our daily life, the mobile phone has become one of the most important elements. With him we communicate, have fun and even study and work, so we have a lot of personal information there that we should protect.

Due to the pandemic and the social distancing we are experiencing, the mobile phone has gained even more importance. In many cases, this device is the unique relationship with the outside world, so it is vital to take care of it. And that is why in this article we are going to show you 3 tools so that you can navigate safely with your mobile phone and protect yourself from cybercriminals.

Tool 1: antivirus application

Andy protects an Android phone

First of all, we will mention a very well known tool, but in general people don't have it installed on their cell phones. We are talking about antivirus software, programs that deal with detect and block any threats attempting to enter your device.

You can find many options, free or paid, that will help you improve the protection of your mobile. Although many devices have security barriers, it never hurts to have this type of technology that will allow you to browse more calmly, especially if you manage sensitive information on your mobile or usually download a lot of files.

Tool 2: install a VPN

On Android you can find great apps to browse

This is one tool that has become very popular in recent times: VPNs. A virtual private network or VPN is a technology that will allow you to further protect your device. VPNs can also hide your online browsing from prying eyes on your phone and also protect you from them cyber attacks most common, mentioned in this article.

By installing an Android VPN on your mobile, you will be able to encrypt all the information you send and receive, keep the your anonymous IP and secure your connection Internet. Also, this is a very useful tool for protecting your information when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Sure, you've logged in several times to any open Wi-Fi, without thinking about the security implications this can have. Although it is not recommended to do so, since it is more unstable and little networks safe, if you have a VPN you can always keep your device safe.

Tool 3: cleaning application

Improve the fluidity of your mobile with cleaning apps

And finally, we will mention the device cleaning apps that they are highly recommended by experts. These applications will help you delete history, cookies, tracking files and browsing data, improving the security of your device. Without this data, it is more difficult for hackers to break into your devices.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to delete files or applications that you are not using to minimize the risks. Experts also advise to keep the updates up to date software and mobile applications, as this way you make sure you have the latest version, which generally has the best security barriers.

Start protecting your mobile today

We surf the Internet all day from our mobile

With these tips, you can increase the security on your mobile and thus protect all your information. In these devices we put a large number of passwords and sensitive information, which they shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. To protect emails, messages, photos, videos, online banking and more, you need to know how ensure IT security on your mobile.

Along with these simple tools, anyone can improve your online security and therefore use your mobile phone more safely. During this confinement we are experiencing, cyber crimes have increased, as explained in this link, and therefore, today more than ever, we must take care of our online presence.

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