Is the HouseParty app safe?

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Currently, HouseParty has a large number of users, most of them young and teen. For this reason, it is important to know how safe the application is. This way you can avoid future problems.

However, if you belong to the group of people who haven't gotten to grips with this app yet, you don't know how HouseParty is used and works. and you do not know how safe it is, do not worry, because in this article we will help you to solve this question, which is so common in many people.

What is HouseParty and how does it work?

HuseParty is a video calling application that you can download and install on your mobile or you can even use it on your Windows PC or Mac, which was launched on the market at the end of 2016. However, today it has achieved greater success, as people choose this social network to communicate and have fun without having to leave home.

This tool allows group videoconferences up to 8 people. Be able to add your friends and can also integrate other contacts. In this way it is possible to interact with known and unknown people.

The main reason why this application has become a trend is because in addition to talking and maintaining the bonds of friendship, regardless of distance; You can also play it with your contacts.

Normally, HouseParty works similar to Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, among other video calling networks. However, its main difference from other social networks is that HouseParty has games and a general approach.

That is, you can make video calls or chat with a group of people or contacts who have also installed the application. But that's not all because the app allows users to create some sort of "Virtual rooms", better known as group rooms. In them, you can start a series of games designed exactly for playing in a group.

How safe is HouseParty?

Apparently, HouseParty is a safe application that does not allow the use of children under 12 years old. However, this is not enough, as when the user registers he can add any date of birth, this way many children can forge it and easily create an account.

Furthermore, as already mentioned through the application, you can talk to friends and strangers, as a user initiates a video call with their contacts, but can add other people.

Fortunately, when an unknown user joins or joins, a warning appears on the screen indicating «Strange Danger». This way, you can be aware and know when a stranger has entered the platform and be alert to any strange problems or events.

Therefore, although the majority of HouseParty consumers are teenagers and young people between 16 and 24, there are probably also a huge number of children, who interact or use the app. Therefore, it may happen that images appear or talk about topics that are not convenient for them, which they may be surprised by.

For each of these reasons, it is important that parents are constantly vigilant and monitor the use of the application (in case underage children use it). Since, the highest risk of insecurity is for them.

HouseParty's privacy and security features

In order to prevent any risk and increase the security of the application, the developers of HouseParty have created a series of rules and features that allow greater protection of your privacy. Among these we have:

  • House Rules: The application has a section called "house rules", where it establishes a list of rules that must not be violated.
  • Room lock: it is possible to lock the room, from the videoconference.
  • Strange danger: notified when a strange start in the video call.

It is important that this application is used with caution, as although it is apparently safe, it can be a source of some risk.

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