Is it worth taking out mobile insurance?

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Our cell phone is by far one of the most precious items we usually carry with us everywhere, and in the case of the higher ranges it can exceed 1.000 euros - and it does not seem that things will change in the short term -. That is why many shops, operators and the brands themselves have started offering mobile insurance a long time ago .

Ma is this type of insurance really worth it? We are all clear about the benefits of insuring a home, car or other intangible assets such as health. But when it comes to cell phones, the things are not that clear.

A cell phone with a broken back.

How does mobile insurance work?

First of all it is worth talking about how this type of insurance works. In general, most mobile insurance offers these covers:

  • Theft or robbery: In each of these cases, we will be provided with a replacement device with the same or better characteristics.
  • Fraudulent use: if the terminal has been used illegally, the insurance covers a certain amount.
  • Failure under warranty.
  • Equipment oxidation.
  • Loan terminal: in 24-72 hours if the capital cannot be used.
  • Preparation of a repair budget.
  • Screen interruption.
  • Liquid leaking on the terminal

We see that, in general, the insurance covers common problems and damages that any owner of a smartphone could suffer during its use with the terminal.

Naturally these types of services are not free, and each company will offer different rates in based on type of mobile phone or the number of covers to rent.

To make your work easier, below we select some of the most popular mobile insurance offers in Spain and we examine both the price and the fine print of each of the fares offered.

Vodafone Care

In the case of Vodafone, we find two types of insurance: Accidental Damage and Full Coverage. These range from 4 to 16 euros per month, and allow you to insure devices with prices below 400 euros, from 400 to 1.000 euros, or with a price above 1.001 euros.

It is worth mentioning that all Vodafone insurance companies have a deductible which must be paid in case of loss of the device, and the amount of which will depend on the price of the device and the type of insurance contracted.

On the other hand, it is convenient to indicate that Vodafone allows you to insure only those devices that are less than 365 days old from the day of purchase.

All Vodafone mobile insurance can be contracted from the operator's website.

Orange mobile insurance

Another Spanish operator that offers mobile insurance is Orange. The French telephone company has its "Mobile Insurance" service, which offers the main coverages mentioned above, and some additional services such as protection both inside and outside Spain, coverage of up to two claims in one year or free shipping and collection of the insured device.

Similarly to what happens with the Vodafone service, the price of Orange's mobile insurance depends on the cost of the device itself, and goes from € 4 to € 15,5 per month, with deductibles from 20/40 euros up to 60/120 euros respectively for repair or replacement.

Also, Orange it limits to some extent the possibility of taking out one of these insurances, since you can do this only during the 30 calendar days following the purchase of the device.

Movistar Mobile Insurance

Like the rest of the operators, too Movistar offers its service to insure mobile phones. And as for the rest, the tariff will depend on the model, brand and value of the mobile phone to be insured.

In this case we are talking about an insurance whose monthly fee starts at 0,99 euros, and that offers the guarantees and coverage that we can find in most insurance of this type. Movistar also guarantees that its repair services use only original parts.

Amazon Protect

The Internet shopping giant Amazon also offers a own insurance service. This is Amazon Protect, an additional service that can be purchased right when we buy our new device.

Amazon offers insurance worldwide coverage for accidental damage, anytime cancellation with full refund within first 45 days and replacement of new or refurbished devices. It is worth remembering that, unlike other insurances, Amazon Protect does not cover the loss or theft of our device.

The insurance policy offered by Amazon is supported by London General Insurance Company Limited and, as usual, the its cost depends on the value of the device to be insured.

Phone home insurance

It is one of phone shops most popular in Spain and its services also include mobile insurance.

The Phone House offers us the possibility of take out non-life insurance of € 1,33 per month, or complete insurance of € 2 per month. Only the latter covers robbery and theft.

The management of this insurance is carried out through the different shops that the company has throughout the Spanish territory and, among other things, covers up to 300 euros in accessories, provided they were purchased in The Phone House stores.

Besides, there isn't limit to the parts, so we have unlimited claims, as long as the service is used correctly - it is not known what The Phone House refers to when it speaks of "good use", although we can imagine it -

Is it worth taking out mobile insurance?

A broken Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Looking at the rates offered by the different companies, many think that, for some extra cash, it is possible to have the device fully protected against any kind of danger.

But the reality is that the decision must be considered with conscience, as it is not always worthwhile to insure a mobile phone. In some cases, the annual insurance premium can exceed 30% of the value of the terminal and, if we take into account the limitations that we sometimes find in this type of policy, we can come to the conclusion that to stipulate Mobile insurance can be a useless waste of money.

Not to mention that in some cases companies that offer insurance they try to include how coverage some assumptions that are already - or should be - covered by the mandatory guarantee, as in the case of damage caused by defects inherent to the terminal that has nothing to do with its improper use. Hence the importance of reading small print, not just when you do buy the insurance, but also when yes chooses in which store to buy the device itself.

Therefore, the recommendation for the general public - those who do not usually buy mobiles over 1.000 euros with the aim of using them for years. Well, in those specific cases, taking out insurance can make sense - it would avoid mobile insurance. And in case you really want to hire one, thoroughly analyze your options offered by companies and stick with the one that offers the more coverage with as few small fonts as possible.

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