Is it worth changing an interval halfway?

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Get used to the idea, you don't know what it's like to use a high-end terminal until you have it in your hand, and we are not talking about intangibles that may be overlooked when using a smartphone, but rather aspects in those of us who notice a big improvement every time we switch between device types.

And, after trying many high-end and mid-range smartphones, the difference becomes more evident every time and, therefore, I'll tell you what it feels like, from my point of view, when going from an -range to a mid-range.

In this you can see the change from a mid-range to a high-end

Traditionally, I have been a user of mid-range terminals and, in fact, the device I use today as a personal cellphone is the first high-end device I had, so I am well aware of this change. And I will tell you the three points where you can notice it the most.

Scroll speed

Obviously the first thing you notice about this change is in the speed of the device, either when opening applications or games, both when performing heavy tasks with them, and it's something that compensates a lot, in my opinion, as it saves time, and doesn't cause that feeling of slowing down that we sometimes get with a midrange.

Surely on more than one occasion you have decided to browse social networks with your mid-range device, and it took too long to upload a photo or video, and you had to wait. With a high-end, this is not going to happen to you, and of course it's a good feeling don't wait, after getting used to waiting for pretty much everything.

Another big difference is found when performing simple tasks such as updating an application or taking a WhatsApp backup. It sounds silly, but in these little tasks they are the ones where you sometimes notice a breakthrough in performance, and when you get used to it, it's much appreciated.

In search of the wonderful 90Hz

One of the latest trends we are seeing in high-end terminals is include screens ad high frequency, 90Hz or even 120Hz like that of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + and this shows us everything that happens inside it. a much smoother way, more appreciating the interface animations.

In addition to this, you will also notice a greater sense of responsiveness when you swipe your finger while scrolling or when moving with the interface, and the truth is that it is a change that, at the beginning, is quite evident, although it is easy to get used to this later on.

Mid-range phones, with some exceptions such as the Realme 6, have screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and it's something without which, right now, I wouldn't buy a smartphone, as, once used to it, it is difficult to leave it behind.

Very important improvements in the camera, almost always

Finally, unless you have a Google Pixel 3A, if you own a mid-range terminal and buy a high-end device, you will notice a substantial improvement in the camera, with shots faster and with some aspects such as portrait mode in which you will experience a noticeable improvement.

Beyond that, the higher resolutions in the secondary sensors will account for a big improvement in aspects like ultra wide angle, where we see an improvement in the level of detail.

In general, the camera of a high-end terminal will be significantly better than that of a medium range, due to the level of detail, processing and quality of the sensors, which usually improves a lot, and although it is something that in some mid-range devices can be alleviated with the use of the GCam, it is clear that if you want superlative performance in the camera, either buy a Google Pixel 3A, or bet on a high-end device.

Is it worth changing?

Absolutely yes, and there is no doubt about that. If it's not a big additional cost to you, and you know you'll have more fun with a high-end terminal, switching from one range to another is worth it, and it's something you'll also notice with the device's longevity, which will last you longer than a mid-range device.

Just like there are people who spend hundreds of euros on a t-shirt, shoes or watches, if you want to spend 900 euros on a smartphone, it's your responsibility, and if it's something you'll like - and what, as we say, it's not a disaster. economic, ne it's worth it, and you should do it, the change is evident and for the better.

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