Is it safer to surf with Wi-Fi or 4G?

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To get the most out of a smartphone, you need an internet connection. As we all know, two are the most common ways to connect to the Internet from a mobile phone. The first takes place via a Wi-Fi connection and the second via a data package, 4G - despite the fact that 5G is gaining more and more followers -.

But what is the most private way to browse? Are Wi-Fi or 4G safer? Are we in danger when we use the Internet from our smartphone?

When browsing the internet with a smartphone: Wi-Fi or 4G?

It doesn't matter if you use a mobile phone or a computer, surfing the Internet always has its risks. Cyber ​​scams or cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent, so you have to be very careful when using the technology, especially if it is private information or sensitive data.

Then a what is the safest way to surf the internet with a mobile phone? Using a Wi-Fi network or with my rate details?

What's more secure? Wi-Fi or 4G?

We all know the problems of connecting to a Wi-Fi network, especially the public ones, such as in bars or shopping centers. In these networks, usually no security system is established to access them, i.e. the password of a lifetime, so they can be quite exposed to possible hacker attacks.

This means that a hacker could perfectly penetrate these networks, being able to access the data of the devices that connect to them. Nor can we forget another technique created by hackers, that is to create free access points without passwords. The user takes the bait, enters that network, and the hacker already has access to all the information he wants.

In another aspect we have the 4G data from our smartphone. Fortunately, all information that passes through our 4G data is encrypted and despite the fact that nothing in this life is safe, the truth is that this is a much safer infrastructure for the user than any public Wi-Fi network. In other words, it is very difficult - if not nearly impossible - for a hacker to access information on a smartphone over a 4G network, which cannot be said for Wi-Fi.

For all this we always recommend the utmost attention in using Wi-Fi in public places and obviously never access networks without a password. We have a lot of private information in our smartphone that we definitely don't want anyone to see, so when you leave the house, always with 4G activated, stop wireless networks.

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