Instagram videos are not playing: why does it happen and how to fix it?

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It is possible that after logging into Instagram from your mobile you will find that the application is not working or that the videos are not loading. If so, today we offer you the solution to the error: "Instagram videos are not loaded or played".

Instagram does not play videos in messages Why is this happening?

The reasons why videos do not upload to Instagram can be different, however, below we will list the most common problems.

Failure with the Instagram server

It is something very strange, since the Instagram servers themselves are very efficient. Either way, there is a possibility that a momentary problem will take you prevent you from viewing videos on Instagram.

It wouldn't be the first time this has happened, there have been times when Instagram has been acting weird a cause of server failure. In many cases, this means that the videos simply don't load.

However, remember that you can check it out by visiting any news channel or by asking your friends directly if they too have this problem.

Insufficient data

Videos are the content that consumes the most data on the Instagram platform, so their consumption is higher, requiring higher signal quality. In other words, videos they will quickly use your datain fact, avoiding video playback is a way to save data on your mobile.

Therefore, if you see that the Instagram videos are not loading, check that you still have some data. In turn, connect a WiFi network to check.

Bad connection to the WiFi network

An error in the WiFi connection can cause problems loading videos. Therefore, it is essential to know how to fix WiFi connection problems on Android phones to avoid this problem.

In turn, the possibility exists that it is necessary restart the router or directly check the connection by other means.

Downgrade dell’app

The Instagram application is constantly updated, not only to integrate various improvements, the updates also serve to solve problems. Among these problems, many times there is the video playback failure. So having the outdated app might be the reason why the videos won't play.

Incompatibility with the application

A slow or overloaded phone can cause problems when uploading Instagram videos. Therefore, if yours phone is old, this could be the reason why this problem occurs. On the other hand, if your mobile is new, you may have to try some methods to speed up and make your mobile faster. As time goes by, the Instagram application requires more and more better specs to function optimally.

Why are Instagram videos not playing on my PC?

We can say that the reasons why Instagram videos are not playing on your PC are almost the same ones for which they are not reproduced in the mobile application. Server failure, poor internet connection and application incompatibility are the main reasons why videos are not playing on PC.

We have to keep in mind that Instagram developers focus on offering better features in their mobile application, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, the desktop version may have slower performance, inclined not to play videos as it should; it may take longer to load or not load at all.

Reasons why videos don't play in Instagram Stories

One of the main reasons why videos don't play in Instagram Stories is because the device has a different date and time than the application server. Likewise, another common reason is a bad internet connection and saturated cell phone cache. However, here are the possible solutions you can take to fix this problem.

It should be noted that the specific reasons are not yet clear, here's why you have to try every solution until you can solve the problem that videos do not play in stories or publications.

Solutions when Instagram videos are not playing

After analyzing the possible causes of the error, it is time to apply the solutions. The following is recommended in case videos are not uploaded to Instagram.

Use Snaptube

In case you can't see the videos directly from the application, it is possible use also snaptube. This application will allow you to download them to your mobile phone to view them. It is currently only available for Android devices.

Turn off the power saving mode

The 'Power Save' mode decreases generally the performance of the device, minimizing processes to reduce battery consumption. If you are on Instagram with this mode activated, it is possible that for this reason they will not be reproduced; deactivating the «Energy saving» mode will allow the mobile phone to work better for uploading videos.

Improve your Internet connection

As mentioned above, a bad internet connection can make it difficult loading of Instagram video as they should. Another solution is to improve the connection by restarting the modem or router, as well as disconnecting devices that are not using the network as such. This way the problem of uploading videos could be solved.

Update the application or system

Updating the application helps the software a work properly and often helps to fix common mistakes when uploading videos.

  • If you don't know how to update the application, simply open the application ' Play Store’ and go to the search engine located at the top. There you write » Instagram »  and click the button to search.
  • Just click on the option » Update »  and wait for the process to complete.
  • As simple as it is, this often helps solve the problem that prevents videos from loading.

Kill the cache cleanup processes

It is one of the most common solutions we find in Android for almost all types of errors, but many times it works. Even so, before performing the following process, it is recommended that you are aware of your account information (username and password), as there is a possibility that this data will be deleted.

  • First, go to the section » Settings / configuration".
  • Here you will see the section » Applications », click this option.
  • Among all the applications you have to search ' Instagram'. Once found, click on it.
  • While this may vary by device, the section will appear in most cases » Archiving », click this option.
  • Within the storage options, locate » Clear data" e » Clear cache». Click on both options and try to play the videos again.

Reinstall the app

One of the latest solutions you can try is uninstall and reinstall the app in so that you can restore the factory settings. Sometimes we may inadvertently change the app's basic settings that prevent videos from playing. This option goes hand in hand with the previous solution: clear Instagram's memory cache.

iMyFone Fixppo: how to use this program to fix video problems

For Apple users who are having trouble playing videos on Instagram, there is an app that can help them solve this problem: iMyFone Fixpo. The aim is to find problems that we cannot easily see and solve them.

In case of video not playing on Instagram, this app is capable of completely review the system to find the source of the problem. We just have to install this professional iOS repair application and we can also restore the device to its factory state.

What to do to play videos in Instagram stories?

As mentioned above, there are several options for playing Instagram Stories videos. These can be the clearing the app cache, updating or improving the internet connection, via data or WiFi.

Hope with this information you can fix video playback error in Instagram stories and posts. There is no doubt that this application is well known for its large amount of multimedia content.

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