Instagram not working How can I fix it?

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Instagram not working today? , don't worry below, The Green Android will give you a series of recommendations that you can follow to try to solve your problems with this social network.

Why is Instagram not working today?

We must understand that we are talking about an emerging social network with over 1 billion active users. This means that while this platform is stable, it doesn't mean that it is not without flaws. Indeed, when Instagram doesn't work usual è due to the following problems:

  • Connection problems.
  • The servers may be down.
  • The app needs to be updated.
  • Problems with the application cache.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Restart Instagram.

Instagram is not working for me, what can I do?

That is why below we will provide you with a series of recommendations that you should follow when Instagram does not will try to fix this incident.

Restart your device

Is Instagram going bad? Have you tried restart your Smartphone?It may seem like a simple solution, but you can't imagine the amount of problems that can be solved with a simple restart… you'll only lose 1 minute!

Check your internet connection

Instagram not working well? , it could be a problem with your connection. Try accessing the social network from yours data network and also from other networks WiFi. You can test your connection with this speed test.

Home WiFi signal extender

If the Internet doesn't reach you well, you can always extend your WiFi signal with this home experiment… It works!

Instagram isn't working today Are you down?

Another reason why you can not connect to the servers is that Instagram is down today in this article you will know the steps to follow to check if there is a problem with this social network.

Instagram not responding? Restart the app

Instagram does not open and does not go? Well, one more simple solution è restart the application. To do this, you need to open multitasking and close the process of this social network and try to open it again. If it still doesn't work, go to the next tip.

Update the application

There are times I've wondered what's wrong with instagram today and i fixed it by just updating the application. To update it, we just have to go to the Play Store app store and enter the "My applications and games" and find out if there is an Instagram update.

Clear application data and cache

Instagram does not open and does not stop? , you may have cache and data issues with the app. To solve this Instagram problem we must enter the «Settings» (Configuration) of our Smartphone.

So let's get into «Applications».

We look for the app and enter.

We enter the section that says "Storage Space".

We give you for delete data and cache, in this way we will solve i problems with when the Instagram app not loading.

Reinstall the app

When I can't open Instagram, another method that works for me is delete the application and reinstall it from the Play Store or the App Store. Try, you lose nothing and maybe solve yours problem with instagram.

Check out the Help Center

Do you think today there is a error in instagram?You can consult his service center to know the most known problems with this social network in the following link.

Format your device

If I tried all the above solutions and Instagram won't let me in I will always be able to reset your mobile to factory settings from the next tutorial. Remember to do this as a last resort and do a full Android backup as you will lose all your data.

Se Instagram isn't working today, I hope I solved your problem. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks please, it would help me a lot to keep doing more jobs like this… Thanks a lot!

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