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Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, and although it almost always has a fast upload speed for videos and photos, a sometimes it can run slowly, so we offer you several ways to fix Instagram goes slow

Se Instagram is slow for you, it could be for many reasons, and although the main one matches yours Internet connection at that moment when it runs slowly, there are many factors that can intervene in the malfunction of the application.

Despite this, we cannot rule out that the app suffers from an internal error, as it happens for many platforms, such as YouTube when it doesn't load videos correctly or TikTok when it's slow, so we will show you the main causes and solutions so that Instagram never goes slower.

Check the real status of Instagram servers

The first thing we will have to do to make sure if the problem Instagram is slow is check the status of Instagram servers, because if it is a problem beyond our control, we will only have to wait for it to be resolved, in any case in order to be able to buy it we will tell you how.

We will only have to visit the following website where we can automatically see what state the Instagram servers are in and also when the last server crash occurred and that it is not causing a network error in Instagram.

Web: Instagram is down right now

Check your internet connection

Instagram is an app that 100% depends on your internet connection, that is, we could not use Instagram without an Internet connection, since all the functions it has are online and it may be slow because you have a slow connection speed.

So it is possible that without realizing it the your WiFi signal is too short or whether you are connected to a network with a very slow speed or where there are too many users connected, so you should use your data connection or change the WiFi network if possible.

To also check the connection you have available, you can do a speed test on your mobile entering any of the websites that have a speed meter and so you will be able to see the download speed you have, which is what really matters to see Instagram.

Website: Speed ​​Test

restore instagram

As many times on the computer we use the combination of press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" to open Task Manager and close an unresponsive application, we can do it with the mobile.

We'll just have to close the app completely or force stop it from the settings panel of our phone, another option will be to restart the mobile, with this we will be able to close all the apps.

Reinstall Instagram

Instagram is an app that it fails very easily because it has numerous internal connections and tools that are updated every day, and even more if you are part of the app's beta program to get the latest news before anyone else.

Therefore, one of the possible solutions available is to delete the app and its data to reinstall it in such a way that all the information of the application is added to our mobile and thus eliminate any problems that may exist.

Try the web version of Instagram

Although Instagram is meant to be used on our mobile phones, its web version is very complete, although it does not allow us to upload stories or content to our feed, but otherwise we can do everything, see photos, like, comment and We can even use Instagram Direct.

Then, If the Instagram app is slow, you can try using the web version and it could work much faster for you, if it works just as slow, let's go back to the beginning of our article, where our Internet connection or Instagram server comes into play.

Monitor your antivirus app on your mobile

Although it's not very common , some users use antivirus on their mobile phone or some apps so powerful that it completely crashes some applications that connect to the internet, so perhaps if you have an antivirus or similar app installed, keep an eye on its configuration, in case it is blocking Instagram.

It's true that antivirus apps for mobile devices aren't very common, but every day there is more malware for all operating systems, including mobile phones such as Android or iOS, so you may want to be careful and have an antivirus installed on your mobile..

Check Instagram permissions

In order for the applications of our mobile to work properly , some minimum permissions are required that we will have to grant to the application. Instagram asks us for several permissions, which we will have to grant, but sometimes we have been able to deny some, such as the permission to connect to the Internet.

This causes that Instagram does not have access to the network and it breaks down completely, in this case the app would work slowly but we would not be able to connect to it because it cannot connect to the network, for this we would have to give it network permissions from the settings of our mobile.

These are the possible solutions when Instagram is slow, because as we said at the beginning, it can be for many reasons and the solutions can also be very varied, since the state in which our smartphone is, can also influence, but surely with any of these solutions it will work properly again.

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