Instagram filters: how to easily activate the glasses or glasses filter

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On Instagram it is very popular to post filters on stories to make them "cooler", as they modify the colors and textures you can add to your photo or video to change the look of InstaStories, complementing Instagram Stories.

Anyone can create a filter and share it for others to save and use. Today there are millions of filters of all aspects, and one that has become a trend is the lens filter.

Which, when used in stories like a video, automatically selects your face to adjust the lenses and when you throw back la forehead the lenses change their appearance.

Why are some filters not showing up on Instagram?

It is true that there are millions of filters to use, but even so there are users who do not see many, and here we will study the factors that can influence that the Instagram filters do not appear,

Android versions not supported

The first reason that can affect the correct functioning of Instagram and its functions is the Android version of your mobile, since the filters are available from Instagram version of 10.21, but if your mobile does not have a larger compatible Android To 5.0 Lollipop to upgrade to this version the filters will not appear.

  1. If you want to check that the Instagram version is up to date, go to the Play Store and look for the update in «Le my applications and my games ".
  2. If you want to check that your Android version is up to date, go to  Settings> About Device> Software Update.

Your camera is not active

Another factor that can cause the filters not to display is that you have not authorized the use of the camera within the application, the permission to use the microphone and the camera. So go on " Settings » > » Applications » > » Instagram »  > » Authorizations ». Make sure they are all activated.

If the problem persists you can read a previous post for more information.

Reinstall the app

On the other hand, there may be an error in the app information, so we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall it to start over and close any open errors.

Insufficient space

Instagram filters need storage to be saved when the application is launched outside of a network connection, so if no space è enough, this could cause the error.

  • Delete the files you don't need photos, videos, applications, conversations and the application cache, go to ' Settings '' > ‘ Applications '' > ‘ Instagram' > ‘ Archiving '' > 'clear the hiding-place'.

Problems with the phone

Finally, if the above did not solve the problem, it could be due to a fault in the mobile phone, due to some type of virus or an internal error, as a last measure it is recommended to make a backup of the most important data and then format it with the factory data.

Find new filters with the effects browser

As we have already mentioned, there are an extraordinary number of filters, and to discover many more of them than we save from other people, there is a tool called effects explorer, which is found after opening the new story creation function.

The option is in the circle to record or take the photo. The filters you have saved should appear next to it and the ones you have by default, you can swipe to one side of the screen and others will appear, when you reach the end, swiping left, you will find a magnified glass, the explorer symbol.

From there you can search for the filter you want, in the different categories.

Compatible devices for Instagram filters

The problem is, if your device isn't compatible with version minimum of Android for the update and the correct functioning of the app, nothing will open anymore to do.

However, this happens with very old phones that their system has failed to update further. But phones like Huawei p20, Xiaomi note 8, IPhone 6, latest generation phones have app compatibility.

How to update your Instagram application to the latest version

If you have a version older than Instagram 10.21, it is very likely that you will have to update it to have all the features offered by Instagram.

Da Google Play Store: Android

  1. From your mobile phone, go to the Play Store and in the magnifying glass write 'Instagram'
  2. Click on the application icon and then on 'Update' if there is a version compatible with your mobile.

Access the App Store: iOS

  1. From your mobile phone, access the App Store and in the magnifying glass write 'Instagram'
  2. Click on the application icon and then on 'Update' if there is a version compatible with your mobile.
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