Instagram adds the sticker "Let's get vaccinated"

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We know that Instagram since it launched Instagram Stories has added content to add to our stories, the current vaccination campaign in Spain against Covid-19 has made Instagram add a sticker that says "Let's get vaccinated", then we will explain how can you add said sticker on instagram.

In some countries Instagram will be able to provide information for those interested in getting vaccinated and thus be able to promote vaccination against the virus, this feature will be available in a few weeks and this has been published by Facebook.

In Instagram stories we can add all kinds of content, GIFs, stickers, music, images, among others. Next we will explain how you can add the "Let's get vaccinated" sticker in one of your stories and encourage people to join this campaign.

"Let's get vaccinated" is the new vengeful Instagram sticker

There are five variants of the sticker that we can add to our Stories. We know that since the pandemic caused by Covid-19 began, Instagram has started adding vindictive and encouraging stickers for companies and the media, today the sticker is added to get vaccinated.

To add the new Let's Get Vacunémonos Instagram sticker, we just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Click on the icon "+" to create new content.

  1. Select "History" to create a Story.

  1. Now, after taking the photo you want to upload or create content, you need to swipe up to open the stickers and content panel.
  2. We will see the new sticker in the area «Featured», although we will see two of them, both are different because they have up to 5 variations between them.

  1. We click on one of them to add it and if we click on it we can see the variants that has.

With these simple steps we will have added the new «Vacunémonos» sticker to our Instagram stories and so we can promote this new campaign and be able to raise awareness as many people as possible.

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