IF function in Excel What is it? What is needed? and how is it used?

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We will answer all of the above questions in this space if you are unsure about the very useful Yes function in Excel, This is the right place. Here we will clarify the basic principles you need to know to master this useful tool.

IF function in Excel

The If function of Excel is one of the best known of the hundreds of options that this Microsoft program allows us to use. Even so, it is also one of the functions that generate more doubts in novice users.

We will resolve these doubts today. On the other hand, it is important to note that we also recommend that you learn how to use the Excel add function, another essential tool at the beginning of this office automation program.

What is the If function in Excel?

The If function is a logical type function found in the Microsoft Excel program. In short, we could establish that this function will show us a result in relation to the data exposed, a result that we define true or false.

One of the most interesting points of this feature is that it allows us so much simple to show if a datum present in a work table satisfies the conditions to show one or another factor.

If you still have doubts regarding these types of functions, we recommend that you read this information on what they are and how to perform logical functions in Excel, a guide that will most likely orient you in the best way in relation to this office resource.

What is the If function in Excel for?

In its simplicity, this interesting feature can be used in a multitude of different circumstances. Being suitable for business administrators, teachers and also for those users who want to keep expense track.

To explain the value of this fantastic feature of Excel, it's best to find some situations where it could be very helpful.

Usefulness of the SI function for teachers

La If function it is a favorite of teachers, as it allows you to very easily show whether a student is approved or disapproved, whether or not he has submitted an assignment, among other useful options for teaching.

Also in relation to this utility, it is worth knowing how to get the total and subtotal in Excel, a utility that will be useful not only for teaching but also for any job that requires quick calculations.

How do you use the If function in Excel?

The way to use the tool is very simple, you just have to be very clear about what you want to do with the function. In this case, let's assume we want to set the status pass o fail, something a teacher would use consistently.

Part one

  • First of all, you need to have a functional table, so this tutorial is meant for those who want to improve the interface of their workspaces. Don't worry, if you are a beginner, you can visit our website to find the best tutorials.
  • Well, having our notes table, we will proceed to use the If function. To do this, select a place in the table where you want the answer to be reflected passport o Fail.
  • Being in that row, go up Formulas o Insert function and look for the option S, click that function. Where three options Logical_test, Value_if_true and Value_if_false will appear.
  • In Logical Test this is where the formula to be used will be. In our case, you just have to click on the table where the student's total grade is located, this will then be reflected in the Logic Test.
  • Assuming that the votes are weighted from 1 to 10, where 5 is approved, we must do the following: Having indicated the line of the total vote, located for example in D3, the formula should be the following D3 <5.

Part Two

  • Value if true, at this point we will set the value if the above formula is true. In our case it would be Failed, in this way we will determine that any value less than 5 will be classified as Failed.
  • In Value if false, just enter Approved, this means that any value equal to or greater than 5 will be determined as Approved.

In general, this is the way to work with the Yes function. It does not necessarily have to be a function to determine if a student has failed, in fact, you can use it for all kinds of functions, for example to determine that a result is unsatisfactory and does not satisfy (or meet) what is required.

The Si feature may be tricky for newbies, but it's undeniably very useful. In any case, if there are logic problems, it is highly recommended to use the SI.ND and ESNOD function and find out if a cell has a value error, determining a formula as correctly as possible.

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