I have stopped doing these two things and my experience with Android has completely changed

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In general, the more you know about your terminal and Android, the more you want to try to get the most out of it, and on many occasions this research causes you to stop focusing on what, in the end, is what is important: that your mobile is not an obstacle but a help.

I eliminated two bad habits I had when using my smartphone for almost a couple of months, and the truth is that these have completely changed my experience with the terminal, do you want to know what they are?

These are the two things that have changed my experience with Android

Don't remove apps from multitasking

Although you may think otherwise, Android is an operating system that does not need you to quit multitasking to properly manage background applications, but sometimes the opposite happens: the more you close certain applications, the worse it is.

We actually told you about it recently and I've been going through my day ever since without worrying about closing background apps more than once or twice a day. And, as you can see, it completely changed my experience.

And not because of anything that has to do with the terminal, but rather with the insane habit of being aware of things that not only have no relevance, but can damage the performance of the terminal. The mobile has to be used and you have to let it work as it knows. If you are on a low end, obviously you will have to close some applications from time to time. But if, on the other hand, you have a medium or high range, say goodbye to this bad habit and you will gain peace of mind.

Remove the battery percentage from the notification bar

The second of the changes I made to my terminal is to eliminate the battery percentage from the notification bar, which, on some occasions, it is the worst in the world.

And it is that, in our daily life, many of us care - or care - about the exact performance of our battery, and that's not bad, but it's not something you should do every time your terminal screen comes on

If you think about it, it absolutely gives you the same knowing if your terminal has 23% battery or if it has 28%. The point is, you either have little or a lot left, and knowing the exact number only increases your "concern" about its performance.

This ultimately prevents us from enjoying our terminal as much as we should. The battery is ready for use, and when it is flat, just charge the terminal, looking at the consumption first to see that everything is in order, but you shouldn't obsess about the exact percentage of your battery and how much it consumes per hour of active screen.


The more we insist on getting more from our terminal, the more we get nervous about things like multitasking and drums. Forget all this, the cell phone must be used and enjoyed, not to be a slave to it.

Therefore, our advice is to take it philosophically, and that it is not your smartphone that brings you to you. Enjoy what you can and don't be obsessed with the performance of the terminal, while it gives you a good performance on a daily basis, the rest is secondary.

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