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For this reason, it is common for the same system to suggest paying an extra sum of money, in order to increase memory and therefore not have to suffer from lack of space di Archiving. However, it is possible that the files we have may be deleted and released in order to be able to manage these concerts more efficiently.

What can we store within iCloud?

It is important that before we get started with using this cloud, we know how to set up file storage in iCloud. The files that we will place within iCloud will be divided into four categories, which are: copies, documents, mail and messages. These categories generally cover all the content we use within our own uses iPhone e macOS. 

In general, the copy category tends to take up a lot of space, as more data is hosted there, in addition to the WhatsApp backup.

How to free up space within iCloud?

If you want to free up space in iCloud, you should know that this process is generally similar to what is done within macOS and Windows. However, its only difference is in how iCloud is accessed. If we are macOS users, it is possible to perform these actions directly from the system settings.

If yours PC runs Windows, you need to download iCloud for the Windows version and then run the.exe file which will open when you download it. In this way we can access an interface similar to the one usually found in macOS.

Once this is done, we will find a main screen, which will show us a large list of applications, similar to those used by iCloud within Mac devices.

With this list of applications we can activate and even stop syncing our services. If you decide to use the option to stop this syncing, it will stop taking up space within iCloud.

Going to the section » manage »You can start deleting those items that are inside the applications in iCloud. However, it is important that you know that some of your files will be affected along the way.

One of the big problems within the operation of iCloud is that this allows us to delete various data and in turn do one backup copy within the cloud, but this option does not exist in reverse. That is, if we want to save more space in iCloud in one way or another, we will have no choice but to make a backup copy locally on our computer.

If we take into account what is the weight of the uses that we have and what is the space they occupy, we are talking about a significant expense within the memory that we could use for other things. That's why you can choose to expand the internal storage of your iPhone or iPad.

For this reason it is important to keep an external hard drive or, failing that, move many of our media files to a PC to get the most out of the storage space.

It is important to keep optimized all the space that your devices can offer you, in order to save space and avoid functionality problems. Remember that it is important to free up storage space without losing files in iCloud so that you do not lose valuable information for you.

Based on this, you can use multiple storage services like Dropbox, in case you have files in very different formats.

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