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When we talk about Facebook we are referring to an application designed and increasingly improved to meet the needs of users who are always active. And this is a social network that was created with the purpose of keep in constant contact with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

This interesting social network was created in 2004 to maintain communications with Harvard students, but today it maintains communications with over 2,7 billion users. And as a basis for believing in the impact it has had on the world, making it the 3rd most visited site and the most downloaded application.

So, all this allowed the developers of this social network to try to update it from time to time to make improvements to the platform. Therefore, in this article we will talk a little about the different functions that Facebook has provided to its most active users and how we can solve one of these frequent problems.

Main functions that Facebook offers to its users

Facebook is a social network that you can use from the web browser and mobile application they have made available, for this you just have to create an account on Facebook. The main function of Facebook is to be able to find and make friends anywhere in the world, you just have to select the option 'Add to my friends'.

On the other hand, you can interact with all publications and status updates shared by people you've added as friends, and you can comment or like them. And since Facebook has the function of creating groups, you can join one of them that deals with topics that interest you.

For most children, and even adults, the Facebook platform has many games that you can play with friends and share your results with them. Also, as a new feature, you can make payments via the feature «Facebook Pay», where you can add a payment method, such as Paypal.

Also, if you have a business, Facebook is a good tool to make yourself known in the market within the area where you live or elsewhere. Or if you just want to sell a product or artifact, the Facebook Marketplace feature will make your job easier by showing the post to millions of people.

Now, many users on certain occasions have had problems logging in or logging into Facebook with their own personal account, the truth is this is a common problem. So, now we will briefly explain why this problem usually occurs and what you can do to fix it with a few short and simple steps.

Why can't you log into your account or log into Facebook?

Typically, this is a problem that occurs due to a error or incorrect information in the login details, such as your password or email. In case the platform informs you that the problem is due to entering an incorrect password, the solution is simple and you can solve it instantly.

Possible solutions for the message "Your account cannot be accessed"

It is very likely that you do not remember the email you entered for the creation of your Facebook, you could log into the account using your phone number that you have linked. However, it may happen that you have not linked a phone number to your account, so to remember the email, ask a friend to see the information of Profile.

If the problem persists while adding data, it may be due to a problem with the internet connection that you should check before trying. So, the solution so that the process of recovering your account doesn't become so annoying if you forget a few details, is always keep your data up to date.

Verify that the Facebook service is not down

Many times, access to certain platforms or social networks is compromised by the fact that it is out of service; that is, the server has crashed and is not working properly. Facebook, like Instagram and WhatsApp, is also affected by this situation.

If you see that the problem persists, it could be that the platform Facebook does not is active, so in that case the solution is to be patient and wait for it to be resolved. Although there are several ways to know if the Facebook server is down, the most common is go to Twitter and search with the hashtag #FacebookDown ; there you will be able to observe the user's report on the situation in real time. Apart from this, you can visit several websites which will provide you with timely information.

Among the most important for their confidentiality and truthfulness there are Outage Report, Is The Service Down? e, Down Detector ; all have the purpose of informing when the server of a social network is down; To check, enter one of these websites and go to the Facebook tab, here you will get information from a good source; You will also see a graph with complaints in the last few minutes and the location of the problems.

Recover and change the password of your Facebook account

To recover your password, Facebook makes the process a little simple; here we will explain what you need to do to be able to retrieve and change it easily.

The first thing you should do is enter Facebook from your PC or mobile device; pretend to log in and go to the part just below the bar to log in; there it gives you an option that says "Did you forget your password?" , click here and you will be directed to a tab where you need to enter your phone number.

After entering the number, it will load the page and will select one of the two options to receive a code ; It can be the number you registered or the email you have on Facebook. Once you have chosen the option and obtained the code, enter it there and voila, your Facebook account will open for you.

Now, so that you can change your password when you log in again, it's much easier; to start you have to be on the Facebook home page, from there you have to go to the settings (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner). At this point, look for the alternative it says "Security and access".

While you are there, more options will appear; slide the screen slightly to go down and select the one it indicates 'change password'. Enter the current password, then the new one and confirm it in the next box; Finally, click on "Save changes" and that's it, this will be the new password to log into your Facebook.

Update and correct your personal data on Facebook

This can be of great help to many Facebook users, as keeping their information and data up to date is very unlikely to lose access to their accounts. For this reason, we advise you once you have made changes to your information in this social network, such as your phone number, email, password, etc; save it and write it in a diary o in a place where only you know how to search and find easily.

What is the purpose of designating trusted contacts?

Trusted Contacts is a new feature built into the Facebook app; This consists, as the name implies, of selecting from your list of friends the ones you trust the most for help you in case you lose access to your account.

To designate them you need to go to the menu (three horizontal bars in the upper right corner); go to settings and then security and login. This time you should look for the option "Choose between three and five friends to contact if you lose access to your account" ; Click on edit and all your friends will be added.

Select between a minimum of three and a maximum of five friends, then click Save Changes and that's it. These contacts will be notified that you have added them to trusted and; If you can't log into your Facebook, write to one of them and they will send you a unique URL to restore access.

Can my account be disabled?

Facebook on several occasions tends to disable certain accounts for certain reasons that violate its internal policies and regulations. To confirm if your login is disabled, you just have to try to login and you will automatically receive a message indicating that this is the case. Below we will give you a list of the possible causes of this problem:

  1. Username registration and false or inappropriate name
  2. Trying to steal someone else's identity
  3. Share content restricted by app rules
  4. Engaging in conversations for improper purposes such as harassment, kidnapping, advertising, and more
  5. Having a behavior on the social network that is repudiated by Facebook policies

Was my Facebook account hacked or stolen?

It is very common nowadays for Facebook accounts to be stolen or hacked; For this reason, you should look for alternatives that will help you increase security and protect your access more. By restricting the entry of third parties, so we will give you some very useful tips that you can apply.

How to enable two-step authentication

If you are one of the users who like it maintain a high degree of protection when it comes to your Facebook account; We recommend that you start activating two-step authentication, which allows you to have greater security and security in accessing your account. To run it, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Facebook homepage, find the menu and select settings
  • So you have to choose safely and log in
  • Once there, scroll down a bit and click on "edit" which appears right next to the two-step authentication
  • Here you have to choose one of the three alternatives: physical key, text messages (SMS), authentication application and that's it, click save changes and it will be activated

The most common is the app, where Facebook recommends Google Authenticator o Duo Mobile ; only QR codes are generated for scanning and voila; On the other hand, sending SMS is simple; as you will receive one with a code to authenticate that you are the one logged into the account and; no code is needed with the security key.

Contact the Facebook service as a last resort

If you suspect or have evidence that a stranger took possession of the your account, you should report it directly to Facebook. But first, confirm that it is; that is, if you try to log in and does not accept the password; if the date of birth, telephone number or any other personal information has been changed; Even if you publish that you usually don't do or add contacts that you don't know.

Once this is verified, you need to go to your account and go to the menu at the top right; there choose the option 'send comments to Facebook'; Select in the first alternative, in the area to choose enter the login and describe the problem you are presenting in the comment. You can add a video or screenshot to reinforce the comment and get immediate attention.

Another option is contact them via other platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter ; Leave a message about the problem you have and send it. They will respond within days after making the complaint public.

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