How to zoom in on TikTok without using your hands - Tricks for your videos

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Launched in 2018, but from 2019 TikTok è entered a level of growing popularity, which today owes its more than downloads, a figure that has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

It is this, the creation of short videos has allowed users to be distracted while at home in isolation, while dancing, acting, singing or performing challenges.

That's why micro entertainment is the platform's most descriptive feature, allowing users to go viral and influence.

Another feature of TikTok are the different styles that it offers users to make their videos and that every day more filters and tools are improved to offer a better visual result in the videos.

What should I consider before starting to record my video for TikTok?

With the application installed on Android or iOS, you must first consider the type of content you want to register, so that, depending on it, you can have better viewing results in your video and it goes viral.

In the trends you can see the most popular audios and challenges of the moment, try to start recreating one with popular audio tracks.

Also, find one good angle in you feel comfortable with and you can start recording your content. Make sure outside noise doesn't affect much and that you have good lighting.

Feel free to express yourself, try not to show nudity or sensitive content because otherwise the robot TikTok will block your content, marking it as sensitive. To do this, read the community rules first to stay up to date.

And finally, the camera of your mobile phone must work, both the front and the main one, if it is damaged or disabled, the system will detect it and will not allow you to record.

How to record video on TikTok without pressing the button

The most traditional method of recording video from the platform TikTok is to hold down the red button; Since once you decide to start recording, you select the red button which indicates the start of recording, but once released, the recording ends, which is inconvenient if you want to record a video where you want to move and use your hands .

So, let's teach you another automatic registration technique; In the video recording panel in TikTok, look in the right panel for the timer option with a clock icon, once there choose the time you need to adjust with a maximum of 10 seconds, then the time you want to record in the time bar, this will depend on whether you are going to to dance or to act, calculate the time and once prepared click on Start recording to start the countdown and when it reaches 0 it will start recording up to the time limit you set.

How can I use the zoom during my remote recording?

The tool of zoom in TikTok it can only be used by selecting the red record button and swiping to the top or bottom of the screen to zoom in or out, but at all times you must use your hands to hold the button down.

However, there are other types of similar tools that can help you do some sort of "Zoom at a distance", and this comes with the distinct TikTok filters, so you always stay within the platform and not have to resort to external applications.

Body Zoom is a filter that follows your movements and works like this, to find and use it:

  1. Apri TikTok
  2. Insert the participation option and in the search box write «Body Zoom» press search, then select the «Effects» section.
  3. Select the filter and when you open your presentation you can save it to your favorites for later use or record it right away by pressing the red button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When you've selected the filter and on the main recording screen, you need to focus or select the part of your body you want it to focus on.
  5. Start recording with the timer option and TikTok will zoom in on each of the movements.

Note: the order in which the zoom is performed or the position in which it is located cannot be changed, it is an automatic zoom.

What other tools does the TikTok camera have?

In addition to the zoom function, TikTok offers endless programs on its camera with which you can get the most out of your videos.


You can add music to make your videos more exciting, as well as being able to dance or sing a song with perfect synchronization thanks to the audio by creating those famous lip Sync or synchronized lips, or mix it with your voice with the "Voice Overlay" function.

To achieve this you have to open the application and in the registration interface, look above for the icon of a music note and select it, search for the song you want, then you can cut it to the part you want and you will be ready to record.

Likewise, if you are watching trending videos and you want to save a track that another person has already used to make a video later, search at the bottom for a disc with the image of the song that is playing, click on it and at the top you can add to the favorites; So when you go to choose the song as we teach you instead of writing it, look for the favorites tab and there you can select it.


With the editing tools you can create slides with multiple photos by accessing the recording camera, but instead of selecting the red button to start recording, tap the "Upload" side, and in the top tab select "image", then select the images you want to edit later as they will appear on the slide and add a sound.

In the same way you can do it with videos, and choose an infinity of filters between lights, flashes and slow motion.


The most talked about tool are filters because they have a great diversity and authenticity. To select them, search for the "Effects" button on the registration interface.


To make your video more exciting and creative you can add transitions between scenes such as Count Down, Switch On and Off, Shooting Frame and Circle, Zoom in, Slip, Scroll, Horizon, Vertical and Rotate.

To place the transitions you have to finish the video and look for the transitions in the effects tool.

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