How to write in cursive in telegram easy and fast

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Telegram it is one of the most used messaging clients in the world. This is no coincidence, since much of the credit goes to the platform itself and its incessant updates that only seek to improve the application and the user experience. Indeed, in El Android Verde we have already offered you numerous tutorials related to this app in what we have taught you, for example, how to install it on PC, how its unlimited and free cloud storage works or even how to put a chat on the la Start up screen of your phone. However, today we will teach you a trick with which you can enrich your chats in this application, since below you will learn how to write in italics in Telegram.

Is it possible to put italics in Telegram?

Yes, that's a perfectly viable option and the best part is that you can run it without the need for third-party apps.

How to write in cursive on Telegram step by step 2022

  1. The first thing we will have to to do is write a paragraph and/or a sentence in a conversation and select the word or text we want put in italics. To achieve this effect we must let the finger press said word (as we would when using the copy and paste mode on the mobile).
  2. We select the 3 vertical dots located at the top right.
  1. If we have followed the previous step correctly, a menu will appear with the following options: Bold, Italic, Monospace, Strikethrough, Underline, Create link and delete format. Obviously we will have to select the option  «Italic».
  2. If you followed the previous step correctly, the text should now be in "italics".
  3. Finally we click on «Send».

How to remove italic format in Telegram Easy and fast 2022

  1. In case we didn't regret it, we always can undo italics in Telegram. To achieve this, the first thing we will have to do is indicate the text that is in this format.
  2. Then we select i 3 vertical dots top right and click «Delete format».

And so it was, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I'll try to answer them if I get a seat. Don't forget that you can support this content by sharing it with your friends and family through your social networks. Thanks so much for everything!

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