How to work at DiDi – Find out how to earn money with DiDi

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The app has a great number of options and benefits. Both for those who want to earn extra money and for those who want to save on every trip. Since they cost less than Uber charges.

To be able to you register in Didi you will only have to download the application from the official store of your operating system (Google Play or App Store), then, at startup, it will guide you so that you can register without any kind of problems, all well detailed.

Can I be a DiDi driver?

There are three possibilities for those who want to work with Didi:

  • Who has a vehicle but wants someone else to drive it.
  • Person who wants to drive but does not have a vehicle.
  • Who wants to drive and has a vehicle.

Requirements to work in DiDi

I most basic requirements to work at Didi they are not for everyone as they require a large number of things that must be respected to the letter to guarantee the quality of the service and, above all, the safety of both passengers and drivers.

  • Car must be 2012 onwards model.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Identification document.
  • The vehicle must have a capacity of four people in addition to the driver.
  • It must be 4-door.
  • Comprehensive insurance with extensive coverage.

How and how much money can you earn by working in DiDi

What you should bear in mind is that this also depends on many factors. It is not just the question of the rates that are dynamic. This means that depending on certain situations, the estimated price can increase on each trip.

Aside from that, you have to keep in mind that in Didi the commission charged is 10% compared to the 25% charged by Uber in so you can have a little idea.

Although it shouldn't need to be added. To earn more while working for Didi, it is essential that your car is flawless and in perfect condition. It is too important that you treat your passengers with great respect and in a pleasant way so that the ratings in the app are extremely positive.

The legality of these applications

We all know by now the huge problems that have occurred in different countries with Uber, Didi and similar apps. IS legal to work with Didi? At the moment there is no kind of regulation in this regard so you will not have any kind of problem in working with this or another application.

Remember that knowing how to make money at Didi isn't complicated at all. Learning to work at Didi is very simple, you just need to offer a quality service so that customers always choose you as the first option. It is possible to earn a good amount of money with these apps, it is time for you to take the opportunity to earn a good salary at the end of the month.

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