How to view your Android screen on TV with Amazon's Fire TV Stick

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Despite the fact that Google establish a certain transmission method for this type of operating system, the Fire TV Stick has expanded its range of functions.

Due to this, both of them have become a great competition for each other when it comes to sales, thus offering the conveniences to home users.

If you want to find out how this new device offers you the opportunity to realize its full potential, read on for instructions.

Thanks to devices like the Fire TV Stick you can enjoy all your streaming channels like Netflix or listen to music from your Spotify account.

What requirements do you need to meet in order to cast your Android screen to TV?

Mainly you have to have a device that functions with a system operating Android equal to or higher than version 4.2 or Jellybean, or in other cases you can also use the Tablets that Amazon has created for its community of users.

Likewise, you need to know that your device is capable of supporting Miracast. If this is your first time hearing about this technology, you will be interested to know that it is a standard based on the compatibility of two devices over a Wi-Fi connection.


Since its inception, it has sought to replace the use of HDMI cables to connect devices that function as transmitters and receivers in the transmission of content.

Therefore, another key requirement is to ensure that both the Fire TV Stick and the Android phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

One aspect that is also important to highlight is the maximum distance in which the device must be kept to share content, it must be less than 5 meters to ensure good transmission quality.

Instructions for getting content streaming on Amazon's Fire TV Stick

To be able to see your Android screen on TV via the login that Amazon enables with the Fire TV Stick product, you need to complete the following steps.

Instructions with Amazon Fire TV Stick

Start by taking wireless control that the broadcast packet has to push the button " Home »Located in the top row with a drawing of a house.

The pressure you need to apply should be a couple of seconds while a menu appears on the screen " Quick options ", Including option" Mirror mode »That you have to select.

If for some reason this option does not appear, you need to access the » Settings »Of your Fire TV Stick, where you will see the section» Screen and sound «, Which you must select.

When you access this option, you have to click on the phrase " Activate mirror mode «, So that after doing so repeat the procedure with the Fire TV control.


From there, the TV will show that the device is in a waiting period for the connection with the mobile phone from which you want to stream the content.

Instructions for streaming from your Android

Therefore, log in to your mobile device compatible with the extension Miracast to be able to activate screen send, thus displaying an options menu in which you have to select the Fire TV Stick.

After pressing the device Amazon you own, you will start sending your android screen to TV broadcast of everything you do on your phone.

Although the option looks different for each brand of phone, remember that it is essential to make sure that its version is compatible with this method.

The Fire TV Stick has a remote control with which you can control all the functions of your device and what you want to watch on television, but like any electronic device, it could fail at some point. But don't worry, they are easy to fix.

Right now you can find a large number of devices on the market that perform the same function as the Fire TV Stick and which can be a cheaper alternative.

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