How to view song lyrics on Spotify while listening to music

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You will be able to see the lyrics of your music on Spotify using a very useful application called Musixmatch. In following tutorial we will tell you a little about this fantastic App and we will show you how to download it for both Android and Windows.

What is Musixmatch?

Surely you've ever seen yourself wanting to see the lyrics of your favorite song while it's on playback on Spotify. We tell you that this is possible very simply (practically automatically).

To achieve this we will need the Musixmatch application and update Spotify to the latest version, so you can use this popular app which analyzes the music playing in your favorite applications and you shows the texts on the screen.

Undoubtedly the main advantage of using this application is that it works automatically and all you have to do is navigate through the tracks to bring up the screen with their lyrics. Likewise, the application has some advantages that you should consider:

It is totally free

Musixmatch stands out for offering exceptional functions for free, just like Spotify, the free user will be able to access exceptional options. In any case, you can also pay to get a more complete version of the application.

It integrates with many players

The application Musixmatch can be integrated into a multitude of different music players, including Spotify of course, but applications like AIMP, Play Music and others are also compatible. The app also works with YouTube.

It works automatically

To use the application you do not have to do anything, once started for the first time, will be displayed automatically whenever you start playing music with compatible applications, such as Spotify. This greatly facilitates its use and functions.


Another very interesting feature of Musixmatch is that it will show the translation of your favorite songs, in case it is in another language. However, please note that this is not valid for all tracks, as not all of them are fully translated.

How to view song lyrics on Spotify while listening to music

The application Musixmatch is available for various devices, among which we point out the Android and Microsoft Windows operating system.

Install Musixmatch su Android

In the case of Android, it is necessary download the Musixmatch application in order to see your music lyrics like Karaoke, you can do it like this:

  1. First, you will need to download the application, for this you can access this direct link to Musicmatch on Google Play.
  2. Once you find the application, click on the option Install and wait until the application finishes downloading and installing.
  3. To use the application, simply open it for the first time and configure it. It is possible that the application will ask for certain permissions to be enabled, give it authority so that it can access your music applications, as is the case with Spotify.
  4. Now, every time let's play a song on Spotify, the Musixmatch application will appear on the screen showing you the lyrics of that track.

Install Musixmatch on Windows

The process of downloading the Musixmatch application to your computer is similar to that of Android and you can also access its very cool features. Read these steps to do it correctly:

  1. The first thing to do is to open the Microsoft application repository. There you will search for Musixmatch and proceed with the installation.
  2. You can also access it via this Musicmatch link in the Microsoft Store.
  3. Now you just have to start the application so that automatically search for the lyrics of your favorite songs. Either way, keep in mind that it will only work with compatible players.
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