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In general, humans are very curious and when faced with something that is forbidden or restricted, many look for a way to jump that hole or fence and see what was previously jealously vetoed, even if this breaks certain rules or laws.

Well, many users of the social network Facebook try an irresistible curiosity to see the profiles of other users who for some reason are duly restricted, leading them to investigate, install services and in the end look for some stratagem to appease or satisfy that curiosity that Sometimes, it is something innocent and naive and others, for simple gossip or to discover information about the life of one or a certain person with some malice.

This article aims to clarify some points on this topic (curiosity) and what you can and shouldn't do when you tries to view a private profile on Facebook. I hope this clarifies the problem and helps you.

Programs to hack Facebook | true or false

When a curiosity strongly desired by many people arises, different types of services appear that are rapidly promoted on social networks, emails and on the web, in this case programs, formulas and various applications that try to respond and satisfy this curiosity to see, snoop or simply spy on a Facebook profile that is private and for some reason it's restricted to the public or other Facebook users in general.

For this I must say and categorically that there are no programs or applications for Facebook users and people in general to access or enter a private Facebook of a particular person, it is scams or deceptions on the Internet.

In other words, so that it is understood well… Do you believe that one or more people, out of simple altruism, have spent hours, days and weeks planning and offering » an alleged service » to view private Facebook profiles ​​and thus violating the policies of this social network and the privacy of its members and in this way, violating certain laws (it is punishable) to offer to all the people they want for simple philanthropy and without making a profit… Really, can you believe it?

The only thing that this type of programs or services can cause to the person who can use them is problems since, without a doubt, they can be infected with a Trojan that compromises their computer or mobile or, it will be filled with annoying advertisements (Adware) that it will eventually make you hate the moment you decided to use one of these so called services.

The recommendation is to refrain from using these programs or applications that offer this alleged holy grail of viewing private profiles on Facebook and finally, you can report it to Facebook as it takes the safety of its users very seriously.

View Private Facebook Profiles | options

Indeed, there are some possibilities that can be quite interesting and even honest to explore and that require your time and social skills that allow you to somehow open those doors to privacy that some Facebook users have and which I will point out.

  • Have a Facebook account: The first key tip is to open a Facebook account, as only with it can you have some edge or chance to see a private Facebook profile.
  • Add as a friend or send a message: if this user has the option enabled to be added as a friend or, the sender first tries to send him a clear, warm and friendly message to generate some trust and empathy and then, depending on the reaction or answer you can ask if you can add him as a friend.

Nota 1 | It's not a good prognosis to add someone without introducing yourself first and generating empathy with a message, which is key.

  • Common affinities: if you coincide with that person in a group or page, this could be the door or better, the key to access your private profile. It is enough with some interaction of his in a certain group or page to see if you can respond with something and thus stimulate the interaction and develop a bond that can finally be translated into you or even that person who adds you as a friend. It will depend a lot on your social skills and your eloquence, as well as being somewhat observant when that person posts in that particular group or page.
  • Friends in common – One strategy that may be interesting to explore is to have a connection or contact that you both know. That is, if you have or know a friend who has him in his » friends list » it can be a good chance to reach a certain connection with the approval of that » intermediate contact » he has and this can be done with your skills they have to reach out to that person and enter their circle in a virtual or real way.
  • See thanks to a friend: On some occasions, the Facebook user who has restricted his profile to the general public, has his profile open so that certain publications (photos) can be viewed by friends of friends and only, if they interact with some comment or a » likes » can be seen in updates said interaction and that content veiled from people in general.

These are some ideas that you can undertake when the curiosity is great enough and you want to get into a private profile somehow. Certainly the odds are not very flattering, but they are the most correct to do and require certain communication skills that you must reach out to that person, connect with them and generate, through communication, the connection needed to be part of their list of friends.

Finally, this article aims to clarify or resolve some concerns about options and ability to view a private Facebook profile and don't fall for those services that abound in promising this sort of thing. Play it safe even if things go wrong.

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